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  1. kuri

    JB CT Healthboost

    I’ve been getting back into the groove of jb again so I’ll come back and paraphrase what @TheZZL’s And @Military_king’s thoughts are on the situation. While the healthboost has the potential to be overpowered it at the moment is as balanced as can be, yes it is true that when you shoot at a ct and you hit him for 99+ but less than 105 it can be incredibly infuriating, however you have to keep in mind that there is a global limit on health boosts for cts whenever 3 healthboost’s are purchased you are no longer able to purchase a healthboost till the following round. As of right now I believe the healthboost is in a good spot, yes it can be unfair at times but this isn’t comp it’s jailbreak it’s not meant to be fair.
  2. Looking forward to coming back, I better see you guys there @Crawfish@colrite@Netfix
  3. Knock-back on ZE is in a good spot as of now, it forces the zombies to think and plan out how and when they’re gonna attack the humans instead of holding w and being able to knife the humans while being bombarded by bullets. In the current tagging system it’s very clear that you need a strategy to kill the humans you also need to work with the rest of your team (zombies) to have the chance to catch up or infect the humans when you’re shot you lost speed and are slowed for a short period of time before being able to accelerate again. If you’re a bhopper you can damage surf off of the knock back and actually get boosted by the bullets. I personally don’t see how there might be any issue or how this can be made better for either team rn it’s fair and balanced for both sides to have a plan if they wanna win.
  4. Jmc

    The McDonalds managers have decided to reapply you loser!!!!

  5. kuri

    P90 Warning shots

    I’ve had an opinion on this type of behavior on the servers for a while now, however if you remove the P90 that does absolutely nothing to stop people from using every other gun that can do the exact same thing. You remove the P90 then people will use the mp9, remove the mp9? People will use pistols such as the glock or usp, someone will always find a way to be an absolute asshat with these weapons. I propose we completely remove the ability to “warning shot” by head shoting someone.
  6. Don’t give them a false sense of hope
  7. I think the map completion reset will be a good thing. It will encourage people to go complete maps we know we have beaten before or who weren’t there when it was completed, I think it will also encourage good leadership and teamwork amongst the regs and the newer players. Sure some people will be upset with this, but I’m sure most players will have no issue with this and will be excited to be on a clean slate and know they were apart of the completion of a harder map.
  8. Shooting at or around others is not considered traitor baiting according to the rules, however you may be shot and killed for it. If you have an issue with players constantly shooting at or around you ask them politely to stop, if it continues let an admin know and they’ll deal with the situation. From my POV it seems more like a misunderstanding on your part because it seems you’re an older player and it was considered traitor baiting back then, it might be called “t baiting” by the server but the rules does not acknowledge or recognize it as such. Edit : you are only allowed to shoot at other innocents as an innocent not detectives. (Almost left that out)
  9. Jailbreak is always chaotic no matter what the deathgame time is, everyone already complains when they die off the bat and have to wait out the entire round. I agree with vanya and we should make it 2:30 into the round