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  1. oh god hes doing it 



    hes becoming the one who shall remain unnamed.



    please someone stop him

    1. kuri


      i dont want to have to do this but, ill come back to just to become the slayer of jb children. i will not allow you to become that tyrant .

  2. kuri

    jailbreak in 2021

    I was "blatant"
  3. Ik for a fact you’re not calling me fat 

  4. Oh my god your so fat

  5. You do realize that is the entire point of jailbreak for the ts correct? This event seems interesting and I might pop in (no promises @TheZZL ) it’s a pretty interesting and large map and the goal of the map is pretty nice. However while the alternative goal of escaping is very much overshadowed by the fact that if you have access to the keys you also have access to armory which can end the round itself. I’d like to see how this plays out in game before I make any conclusions
  6. I spent almost 10 hours a day for 3 months doing nothing but artificially inflating ZE’s player numbers getting old regs and admins to pop in and keep the server up so ZE regs from different communities would come try us out again. I’m not throwing anyone under the bus or saying we didn’t do enough, when I say we all tried our best during that 3-4 month period in early 2021 I mean we literally lived ZE. I love ZE as a gamemode and it sucks that I truly don’t believe it can come back and survive anymore. Honestly as one of the people who literally spent 10 hour shifts in the server trying to make it successful I’m disappointed that we couldn’t make it work.
  7. kuri

    Introducing KZ!

    Damn was just jokes at first but I gotta say thank you @Adventist, @BoTo , @20 scrolls and @Nishok. When I come back I’m really gonna enjoy playing this sever
  8. While it is correct that surfing is a very basic part of counter strike and most people are proficient at it, not all players know how to surf well or even at all. For this reason we decided to not add points to surf maps on ZE. Thank you for your input.
  9. I genuinely don’t understand why you decided to ping a lot of these people but I am sweating my ass of to completely destroy you. @Reid99i expect nothing but the best
  10. Absolutely excited for this event I hope I can attend, this good shit @3niand @TheZZL
  11. Map harder bitch @20 scrolls