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  1. “How do you take a 2 hours clip and say yeah”
  2. Just ew, it’s clear who the true winner is (burger and fries). I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a single pizza with fries, I have however enjoyed tons of burgers with fries.
  3. I think the map completion reset will be a good thing. It will encourage people to go complete maps we know we have beaten before or who weren’t there when it was completed, I think it will also encourage good leadership and teamwork amongst the regs and the newer players. Sure some people will be upset with this, but I’m sure most players will have no issue with this and will be excited to be on a clean slate and know they were apart of the completion of a harder map.
  4. In the situation that he’s referring to the order was given by me and was pretty clear and decisive, the ts were using the plugin to be smart asses, yes the point of the plugin is to clear confusion but in the situation the order was give 10-15 secs ago and most ts were already doing the order (actively play soccer)
  5. Shooting at or around others is not considered traitor baiting according to the rules, however you may be shot and killed for it. If you have an issue with players constantly shooting at or around you ask them politely to stop, if it continues let an admin know and they’ll deal with the situation. From my POV it seems more like a misunderstanding on your part because it seems you’re an older player and it was considered traitor baiting back then, it might be called “t baiting” by the server but the rules does not acknowledge or recognize it as such. Edit : you are only allowed to shoot at other innocents as an innocent not detectives. (Almost left that out)
  6. Jailbreak is always chaotic no matter what the deathgame time is, everyone already complains when they die off the bat and have to wait out the entire round. I agree with vanya and we should make it 2:30 into the round
  7. For this system to work we would have to completely revamp and rework how our current shop works, this also wouldn’t be of any benefit to our old regs who have 100s of thousands of credits or who have bought everything in the shop.
  8. The giveaway is now closed, congrats to @.touchy for winning.
  9. Last bump I swear giveaway ends in 22 hours make sure to enter before then
  10. Bump giveaway closes in 37 hours
  11. Bump giveaway closes in 5 days
  12. I have now tried that game on mobile unsure if it’s different on other platforms. But I can say it’s a good game genuinely.
  13. Nolan