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  1. I plan on making sure none of you move out of line even for a second. This is a prison after all
  2. The karma system as it is makes you mindful of your actions and make sure you only kill the enemy not everyone, I believe it is fine as it is currently if someone is consistently free damaging you either let an in game admin know or make a player complaint. You could also let the player in game know to be mindful of their shots and nades
  3. Sully

    isohel - a line on a map

  4. As stated above you can get a gamepass gift code for being a nitro sub. im also doing a giveaway for a 3 month gamepass code. gamepass gives you access to a large sum of xbox games for free. you can aslo play the games on your pc. to enter the giveaway like the thread. contest will be ending on October 17th
  5. kuri

    JB Superheroes Unite!

    Chad is the only person to charge people for a free model that was already on the server!
  6. We can do an event where the top 3 people with the most t kills win a prize this could either be getting kills as a T or killing Ts as an inno.
  7. Cod 4 Xbox live matches, if you played games back then you would be crying in your sleep.
  8. I’m in favor of both of you losing I’m not gonna be apart of this.
  9. Hello, as the title explains in this event we play on multiple Minecraft themed maps with models and cosmetics to match the event. Like the Minecraft Steve one on TTT
  10. What’s your favorite cosmetic loadout or combo to wear?