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Steam Group Bans?

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Ok so i didn't get on SG ZE for about a week and i heared that people got banned and on of them was Acri who was banned for "harrasment" and all he did was make a group and that is a lowball SG.So now you can get banned for having a group a admin,owner,or manager does not like such as the one he made which was justice for pika.Pika was basically banned for being a pepophile(i am not getting into that detail)which is decent.Is this true that you can get banned for having a group?

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For the most part you wont get banned for having a group. But there are certain things that you cant have. I would compare this to freedom of speech you have the right to talk, but there are things that you cant just say or scream out loud in public.


It's mostly a case to case bases though

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I love how people assume things without having any actual facts. That player was spamming a group meant to be a douchebag towards me multiple times in ZE chat. Everything that is said in chat is logged publicly - so anyone can go check that out. You should probably fact check a bit before coming on here speaking out of your ass.


Is this true that you can get banned for having a group?


Yes and no. While no, you typically will not be banned for something like that - I / the BD team reserves the right to ban anyone at any point in time for anything we deem necessary. This wasn't the case in this situation, however, as it was spammed in chat. I don't give a fuck who likes me / doesn't like me - I really don't. But you are out of your fucking mind if you think I'm going to allow you to come onto a server that I own and spam a group meant to be a douchebag. Go somewhere else and do it, and don't act surprised when you get banned for it. I would ban anyone doing that towards any of our admins or players (which we have done in the past; see MichelleC).


Plain and simple: if you spend time here as a player, server manager, admin, a mixture of these, or something else entirely, you don't deserve to put up with that bullshit. I don't give a shit if you guys have 'freepika!' or whatever, but don't be surprised if you get banned when you step over the line.

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