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Maybe we can make a steam gamers clan for destiny 2 since alot of new people are gonna play it since its free i play on ps4. And maybe we can move to other games like ark as well not just csgo and minecraft sorry if im mistake and there other SG servers on other games.

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I believe we should keep other games to event's besides the other games we Branch out to the servers tends to die out and not become active. I don't believe it's worth the time and effort it will take to make and keep the server going

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There have been attempts to create un-CS:GO related servers in the past (such as Dark RP, ARK, SCP, Minecraft, etc.), but they never were able to retain a long-standing player base. If you want to create a group with people from this community, join the TeamSpeak because that's where a lot of the community members get together to play other games.

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