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1v1 Tournament

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1v1 Tournament


Also thanks @nick for the sick banner

To celebrate the arrival of the new achievement system there is going to be another 1v1 tournament. This time the winners are going to be based on kills, and for the duration of the tournament, arenas are going to be randomized so that means there no arenas deciding who goes against who but it will be random. Another reason to join is to also complete some achievements and have the chance to win even a bigger prize in the progress.


The Map list is :






1st Place:

contestwinner.png + VIP for one month

2nd Place: Subscriber for one month

3rd Place:2,500 credits

Thanks @Fuze for the help and to make it possible for us to have these rewards again


1v1 Server -


October 27th at 6 PM EST

Be sure to join the events steam group


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