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  1. Thanks for making my previous name change look good

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    The fbi is here to search the premisis (i cant spell) for dispartiyy

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    god im so happy that jmc kid left, welcome to the forums The Don!

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  7. Event is 1 hour away bois
  8. Credit to @nick for the awesome banner! WHEN Friday, June 26th, @ 8:30PM EST WHERE Jailbreak IP: MAP s4s_tournament Huge shoutout to @Noxstar for making an amazing S4S map! PRIZES 1st Place: Crazy Machines 3 2nd Place: NBA Playground 3rd Place: Acceleration of SUGURI 2 Ayyy my first event, hopefully it goes great! So here's how it's gonna go down: I will be on CT and all the participants will be on T. I will then move two participants into the arena and switch one of them to CT and then a lovely Jailbreak AT member will make sure they both get Deagles. Once I say start the two participants will play Shot4Shot. Much like the last tournament, we will be accepting the first 48 participants. The winner will move on and the loser will be eliminated. This event has always been a blast so cant wait to see you guys there! EVENT DESCRIPTION While you are here you might as well join our steam group!
  9. Congrats guys, keep up the amazing work! ^-^
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    Chad. and $wAg^ > Chad

  11. we back lets get it!

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    What did you do with Disparity :vibecheck:

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    RETAKE 5V5

    Overall I think the utility for both sides is pretty even. I haven't had any issues on either side while playing recently. Its harder to retake compared to just holding angles and waiting, no matter the situation the CT side on retakes puts you at a disadvantage. I dont think its necessary to give any more utility to either side, let alone 2 more nades. Utility carries so much weight in retakes and giving one side 2 more options for utility could completely throw off the flow. Again I think both sides are balanced enough where a nade increase for CT wouldn't make sense for the time being.