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  1. Yo fr I dont get off work until like 6 nowadays, missed 2 events already due to work. I just want that easy 10 dollars no cap.
  2. Finally I can freekill with no issues, cant wait!
  3. It be the admins doing it the most tho.
  4. Imagine being upset cuz I thought of the best name to ever be witnessed

  5. fucking loser disparity 


  6. Thanks for making my previous name change look good

  7. Yo delete this one too poggers

  8. :drank: :drank: :drank:


    The fbi is here to search the premisis (i cant spell) for dispartiyy

  9. Welcome to the forums Atrixparity!

  10. god im so happy that jmc kid left, welcome to the forums The Don!

  11. Where’s Disparity?