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  1. I just wanna play some ttt
  2. Raised catholic and in me early teens I went to a Baptist Christian church with a buddy of mine for a few years. I never had a strong faith for the big man and after taking large amounts of psychedelics I am what you could consider an atheist. I have alot of different ideas about it all but the main one I come back to is there is a large possibility of a god like creator, but not any of the gods from human religion.
  3. Yo fr I dont get off work until like 6 nowadays, missed 2 events already due to work. I just want that easy 10 dollars no cap.
  4. imagine changing your name lol
  5. Finally I can freekill with no issues, cant wait!
  6. Atrix

    Dream knife

    yo any knife gimme gimme
  7. Cats be too judgmental, dogs are just happy idiots... impossible not to like a dog
  8. Neither, real men take a bath