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Halloween ZE

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So you made it this far, well done ! or you just read it on the forums highlight.


In the next few days we are going to push an epic night of ZE - get involved in it, experience the fear and pain of not winning! You think that you have seen it all but not at Halloween at SG so be prepared as there is going to be many special things including you being there. Go onto ZE and get your skills sharpen as you will need it.


You be warned.


Update 1: there is going to be prize given for the winner - the best dressed person based on post images here as directed by Caution who is going to give this decision. This is not SG funds but myself as member (President decision is final). Prize is $20 (me) - Paypal fees is not included. Valid between 27th - 30th. Winner announced on the 31st.


Requirement? Play ZE one day during this time at least once. Take a photo and post it (you in ZE + costume). Again between the 27th- 30th be in server & post photo.

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