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  1. Congrats all and well done to everyone in ZE for going for it, if it keeps going like anything last night we will put the server on the top again !
  2. It will be 11pm here but will try to make it as lessons must be given on how to survive Mako ! ;)
  3. Ready to roll for the surge, might be handy for a few ZE events too
  4. Great to see another ZE event! not sure I can make it being 11pm my time and following monday work day but will join before the official kick off time
  5. Well done everyone and for keeping the server population going for many hours afterwards with good fun & effort! Let there be more of that.
  6. Warriors required on #Team ZE, must be ready for a trashing & beating the other teams as a true legend we know you are.
  7. Congrats all on 14 years! Dame feeling older again to be here over the last 10 years.. Great times and amazing community.
  8. Bad company 2 event when?

  9. All those entries look excellent! well done to the mappers
  10. Great work involved to the Tech Team, Liam and everyone involved! It's been a long time coming and certainly worth it. Congrats guys! Loving the little branding touches as well!
  11. While I have been part of the community for 10 years (9 by forum .. ZE player, we don't do forums!), I see alot of people in the new Veterans rank that were the bedrock of the community, pushed us forward, gave their countless hours and managed things during some difficult times to let us all reap the rewards of today. These guys are hero's as much as the Legends are. I think it's a great move to introduce the middle tier rank as the gap was way too large between HG-LG. There seems to be no difference between the VN/HG, to maintain the Legends rank with Senior Admin abilities, Veterans could have the reduced Admin rank powers we give out to new admins (some only a few months or a year in the community). Let's not take the pension & respect from our Veterans with the removal of SA powers, we need them as much as we need new members. This is my feedback as a community member as long as them, a part of the countless hours & workload during different years made to SG, and I hope my point is taken on-board to be considered.