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  1. Great work involved to the Tech Team, Liam and everyone involved! It's been a long time coming and certainly worth it. Congrats guys! Loving the little branding touches as well!
  2. Thank you Dominic for all of your hard work and energy into SG! See you around
  3. I have power-read this thread and might not have caught everything said. I don't like the change in demoting the most experienced community members and there is no other way around that. There is also the fact of moving forward that things change and that must be considered and has to happen, so we need to get on with it. The passion and effort of so many posts says many things, everyone is part of this community & one. I see Caution putting alot of heart & effort into this as well with the community. I understand, but I also applied back to Admin to do what I can and does not matter what my position is or anyone else position, it is about the community. I am grateful to serve again, do what I can within the time I can which is different these days than before. From what I can see, this is it but we can discuss it and as mentioned already, nothing stays the same & things will change.
  4. Congrats lads! Keep up the good work
  5. While I have been part of the community for 10 years (9 by forum .. ZE player, we don't do forums!), I see alot of people in the new Veterans rank that were the bedrock of the community, pushed us forward, gave their countless hours and managed things during some difficult times to let us all reap the rewards of today. These guys are hero's as much as the Legends are. I think it's a great move to introduce the middle tier rank as the gap was way too large between HG-LG. There seems to be no difference between the VN/HG, to maintain the Legends rank with Senior Admin abilities, Veterans could have the reduced Admin rank powers we give out to new admins (some only a few months or a year in the community). Let's not take the pension & respect from our Veterans with the removal of SA powers, we need them as much as we need new members. This is my feedback as a community member as long as them, a part of the countless hours & workload during different years made to SG, and I hope my point is taken on-board to be considered.
  6. Thanks for your feedback, some parts like the knockback are good while some of the other points is abit pointless (by all means give feedback but drop the ranting side, does not help much). The store part is interesting as it can be a barrier of entry for new players but 2 minutes sounds fine to me and these new players can cross over to other SG servers since they have the store items reducing the download moving around. However outside of this some maps are large and there is not much we can do on this, in general maps are small enough with quick loading times.
  7. Thanks for everything man and a great post to read that felt whole & from the soul. See you around the place
  8. I think Caution had the right point to close the last thread and this is not to start another one as the points made are done. We are listening to each one of you, the ZE managers are and the Board. No one wants to see ZE where it is, but this is not our first rodeo The messages of old members is clear, this can be overcome - attitudes need to change. Positive. Considering the various forum posts that have been made, this is what is happening / also being looked into: - Maps (being updated / changed) - Events organized with more updates / interesting bonuses - Issues with knife reg / range (depends on plugins & current environment setup) - Player models being updated at a regular and event stage - Rank system to more balance for players to be more engaged - Admins engagement on the servers but is location based (eg: EST/PST/GMT) but please remember every admin gives up their time & best to assist with ZE even those who are not as involved with it. There is also the SG ZE Steam Group - join it with hundreds of other members: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SGescape Give abit of time as the above is being looked at and implemented at various stages (subject to change). We are a passionate community and more so with ZE. Keep doing what you do with being on the server in having fun, feeling part of this community and making new friends. The posts to this thread should only be constructive and on point. Everyone is listening, but not to otherwise of what has been seen in various posts which in parts have not being helpful overall. Expect a community meeting to be arranged at a future date (as normal).