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FFA: Remove on-hit damage logs

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When playing our FFA or others i enjoy the feature of seeing how much damage I do but I feel like it is unnecessary to see the extra message of how much health they have left and if you’ve killed them. But I do not really see a major need to change it as when playing I’m not focusing on that but on my aim.

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If you're not sure why would you suggest it.

It's fine as it is. If anybody has a problem with that little window then work on yourself and not on the server.


Because suggestions can be made and feedback gathered from the community? UX/UI is a part of my job and having a message flash in front of your screen every time you deal damage doesn't make for good UX and should have a toggle. Not entirely sure what prompted your aggressiveness - I was sleepy AF, noticed something I thought could be improved, and posted hoping others would post as they do with every single other suggestion made in this subforum. With FFA doing so well right now even the smallest things can make a great improvement. Allowing players to customize their experience on FFA within reason instead of the "live with it" mindset you seem to have is the right way to go IMHO considering the numerous other FFA servers out there.


Speaking of,


I won't be removing it but I can look into maybe adding a toggle to enable/disable it


Thanks chief (:

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