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Bhop Suggestions

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Here are a few things that should be added to Bhop:


  • Booster fix - Sometimes or sometimes not when you're playing a slow-motion style, gravity boosters will not fully work or you'll go half the distance you're supposed to go.
  • Double restart - Has been suggested in the past; People are tired of fat fingering a restart bind mid run. This should ask the player to type sm_restart (or press binded key) again to restart the run.
  • A new version of SSJ - People have complained about the new jhud plugin I had added two months back so finally I have found a solution for this... Shavit (the bhop plugin that is currently running on the server) doesn't like ssj plugins. Someone has made two version SSJ or SSJ2 (SSJ2 is a more advanced version) that are compatible. Either one could be used
  • Personal Best - Even though there's a person best time on the top left, this command literally puts out your personal best in chat for you.


If any of these are already on the server or have a plan of being added, please respond.

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