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i feel like jb has been lacking new maps so i wanted to try to get some new maps and when i checked this out it looked pretty good

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I wanted to test out this map to see what it was about, as it's insanely awesome to look at. However, there are some quirks about this map and the reasons why I don't think it would work on our server. There aren't any "cells" it's just a big confinement area where I assume ALL the Ts spawn. Then, there is this singular vent system, where the Ts get about 3 seconds to jump into right off the bat, but then the CTs have such an easy way to jump into the vents and sit there and kill any T that jumps down. The map is great by having all the regular great things JB maps have, deathgames, soccer, pool, and some more deathgames.


Heres a copy and paste straight from the map page:




-GENIUS (A.k.a Simon Game)



- Boxing

- 1/2/3

- Lasers

- Pillars

- Pool

- Soccer

- Death Cube

- True or false

- Russian roulette

- Automatic Kreedz

- Automatic Deathrun




The CTs also spawn pretty insanely far away from the T spawn, to a point where I can see the majority of the CTs just running off doing their own stuff. This map has potential but the way it right now looks pretty horrendous and most likely wouldn't be liked amongst the population.


Gamebana link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/192196

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