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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map


Link to map download

Additional Information

Map features


Hidden weapon drops

Easter Eggs

Custom made texture

Solitary & VIP cell

Physical Fitness Corner

Speed boosting walkways


Games List

Four Corners


Simon Says


Football Fiedl


Hurdle Race

Melon Roulette

Laser Course

Nade Throw

Breaking Glasses

Low Gravity Chamber

Jump Rope

Mad box





Strafe Race

Target Jump

Screenshots attached


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Cell Secrets:


Cell #2, P250 in the toilet

Cell #6, P250 on the table



Weapon Secrets:


Mp7 in the truck beside race and basketball


Scout on the roof of KZ

-Accessible by either doing part of KZ or using the side walkways (Starts from the outside of the lounge room accessible by the red ladder)


Glass box with random weapon

-This glass box will occasionally go throughout the map on a track on the ceiling, shooting the bottom will drop a FAMAS/MP7/


Breakable box that will turn into an enterable invisible box (from the inside)

- Located on the roof of maincell, the top red box next to the blue box

- Contains a TEC-9


FAMAS located at the end of a climb inside Game Hall B

- Accessible by the catwalk connecting Game Hall A and B


AWP located on the roof of medic

- Accesible through parkour above Four Corners, I have no idea how to get to it




Vent in main cell, underneath the west plantlife enclosure

- Vent contains an HE grenade and separate access to outside

- Access to the outside lounge room


Armor Vent labeled "Armory AC Unit" in Game Hall A


Vent located in-between game hall A and B's roof track connection

- Can be found upon first entering Game Hall A, and looking up onto the second floor where the large A is located

- Gives a P250, and leads to the catwalks of Game Hall A and B


Half Life 2 Vent

- Located at the bottom of the Disco Stairwell

- A fast-moving vent that leads to the outside lounge room

- A different lounge room, located next to KZ


Disco Vent

- Located inside the bar, leads to Dropdown/Strafejump




Unique Map Features


Outside section


Fast and easy moving "Elevators" (From 1 floor to another)


Deathgames will not damage CTs


Deathgames can only be started by CTs


Laser trap to enter armory

- It will allow CT's to go through, but once a T attempts it won't open itself


CT Dorms (Spawning room next to armory)


White path along the map that can give speed to CT while walking on it


Automatic cell/game-hall opening 1:35 into the round

- Announcement given in chat for 30 second timer


Games hallway will not open until cells are open




Access to Armory


Armory Vent


Laser Doorway

- This laser can be disabled by Ts by using an "Armory security switch" that can spawn in 1 of 5+ locations


Side Doorway next to Food Poisoning deathgame/cafeteria


Side Doorway in hallway C/ 09 leading to Game Hall A

- This door is only openable by CTs


Overall Thoughts


I really enjoyed reviewing this map. I get a kind of ml_caste or moon jail vibe, and overall I think the map would be a good fit for the server. It provides ample secrets, and lots of fun things for prisoners to do. Even though I listed lots of secrets, there's a few more I wasn't able to figure out. I think this map would fit into our server very well.


If anyone else looks at this map please let me know if you had an issue with picking up guns in the armory, as I did.

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