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If you'd like to look at the thread where the map was removed look here.


Not gonna lie, kinda love this map. Since some veteran players have already played this map I'll make my writings brief. The map is small yet, densely filled to a point that doesn't make it too overwhelming. It has lots of unique features and two secrets that I believe our regulars would enjoy.


Unique Features:


Light to display if a prisoner is in a cell

Ladders that can be pulled up by CT's onto their KOS catwalk (The catwalk stretches the whole map)

Non-KOS permanent jump boost secret in climb

Multi-layer Laser game

Secret painting room with a secret vault room inside of it

Non-Deathgame Colors (Called Simon Says)

4 Corners/Platforms deathgame in pool

CT Safe room connected to catwalks

Automatic cell door opening 1 minute into the round



Generator Secret

- Use vent system from kitchen and colors to get to the top of armory

- Press "E" on the utility box

- Turns on the generator, I don't know what it does


Jump boost Secret:

- In climb, one of the top jumping spots outlined by a hazard stip

- Permanent boost


C4 Armory Warp Secret:

-Accessible by walking through the warp door in armory, T-Accessible only

- When you warp in you can press "E" on the C4 on the window, and it will detonate the C4 causing the window to break allowing anyone to enter through the window from the catwalk

- Hide behind the blast-shield to not die...

- You can get back into armory by using the vent next to the door




Armory Vents:

-One vent in the kitchen that leads to the roof of armory

-Vent from Colors that leads to pool, kitchen, and roof of armory

-Vent from the side of T-cell catwalk that leads to armory roof


Colors Vents:

-Vents in colors that lead to pool and armory roof/kitchen


Laser Game Vents:

-Vents in Laser Game above the boxes that lead to a ladder that can view the deathgame


Maincell T-Catwalk Vent:

-Vent on the Northern side of T-Cell catwalk, leads to armory roof and hallway


Ideas to be implemented:


Water in pool should be changed from black to clear (Or something else)


Weapon secrets should be implemented in these areas:


Pistol on the boxes of Laser Race: vJXtx8d.png


Pistol on the boxes outside of Climb: 1TIyrzU.png


Primary on the table of the KOS CT-Safe-room: KqYA5Q3.png


Scout on the roof of Maincells (For @Enderspine ): 2v3Uttd.png


Pistol/Zeus on/below these pipes in Pool: 1GmGge9.png


SMG/Five Seven on the table/cabinets/plant in the CT Kitchen: k9O3MQm.png


I also noticed a lot of these weapon lockers around the maps in CT-control points for minigames, I think a zeus/USP would fit in well: Q0uwXnH.png

- These are in Colors, Laser Game, Disco, and CT-Isolation control.

- I wouldn't expect all of these to be implemented (Or even any of them), because if they were it would oversaturate the small map with weapons



Issues with the map:

-Notifications in chat are French

-Laser game chat notifications list the game as "Simon Says"

-Signs are in French (This is mostly fine since the terms are English cognates)

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