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  1. Cya around my guy, I remember when I joined, you were one of the first persons I got to know. Best of luck!
  2. There is an idiot under me

  3. I miss this man :(

  4. #comebackfrankie

  5. i support this and would join. A Skyhigh match would also be really fun. (You need to be above Y101 before PVP or you take damage every 30 seconds). Also 1.15 uhc!
  6. Map Fix Request Full map name bhop_badges Type of map Bhop Link to the map What the problem is The map was played twice today and each time it caused extreme lag. It got to the point where you just froze in mid-air when you jumped and couldn't move. It was unplayable at some points. It's a popular map but its just terrible with the lag. Most of the players just left because it was so bad. Some people were saying that it was just the server, but on the previous map which was also fairly large had no lag. also, it's a tier 4 map, but it's 100% a tier 5. The easier version (badges mini) is a tier 5, but this isn't. I have no clue how it would be fixed, but it needs fixing. : (
  7. I run long-distance track and cross country. In cross country, I race the 5k, but sadly I got hurt this season and could only race twice For track this season I'm going to race the mile, 2-mile, and I want to try to the 800. This is my 2nd year of competing.
  8. When I come across them I'll send them. Most of the time it's when you do one of the !style's and u jump to somewhere that you can't get to in normal and just fall out of the map. 90% of the time it's not an issue like it is on this map.
  9. There are a lot of maps that you can do that on though it's obviously really apparent on this one. You can do !showtriggers and you can see what areas will teleport you.
  10. I like the idea because it would 100% give JB more stability, but getting the actual role as Head Guard raises some red flags to me. I definitely can see people taking this and abusing it right away. The CT having pretty much full control for half the round is a lot of power. Personally I like the idea of CT's having access to just an !order command where says the ct's get muted for 5 seconds and the T's for 10 seconds which gives plenty of time to give an actual order and the CT's having a respite from the constant mic spam that ensues on jailbreak. With that command perhaps like a 30-second cooldown. To relate this back to the original idea, perhaps at the beginning of the round the guard that takes !hg would have access to that command so he can give his orders. Even with a headguard system when there are 30+ players on the headguard talking wouldn't be heard with some of the mic spam that happens on JB which is why I suggest the !order for command for him. My last thought is really farfetched, but I'll say it anyways. Perhaps, someone that wants to be able to use !hg needs to take a rules quiz before they have access. I imagined this by using a menu (similar to the one that appears when voting) that's just some basic rules of being a ct and maybe a couple of questions could be a scenario and you need to select the proper way of handling the situation. If this was implemented in any way I would think just 5-10 questions that could easily be answered in a minute or two.
  11. I've noticed the gang leaderboard is really iffy on updating. Most of the time it updates once per day, but I've also seen it not update for longer periods. This was brought up somewhere I don't remember where, but a reward for being in the top gang or top ct that makes you stand out whether it is a special title in chat or a cosmetic that you can only have by being #1. Going into the event I was planning to play a lot of CT, but I ended up stopping because it seemed quite literally a waste of time because I see people who play like 12 hours a day and I know I can't top that so I was discouraged. An alternative way to get points for CT would be nice, rather than time, but I know that brings up issues because adding kills for points to the ct ranks would incite freekilling. I like the idea of adding rivalries that would make a multiplier on points.
  12. I would like to play. 1.15 uhc would be really fun though
  13. Date of crash, bug or error: Noticed 1/5/19 Map that was being played: N/A Number of people in the server: N/A Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? N/A Additional Information: So pretty much the !music command is a VIP command only and I'm pretty sure it should be accessible for everyone. The same menu that would show up is accessible by doing !volume and hitting the back button. It has been an issue for me because I disabled music a long time ago, and when I went to turn it back on I wasn't able to reach the menu until I discovered the other way. this has been fixed as off 11/7/19 by someone
  14. frankie

    Bhop Bug/Crash Report

    Date: 12/30/19 Map bhop_tanker3 Bug/Glitch: Can't connect to server and I get disconnected with the message "Your map [maps\bhop_tanker3.bsp] differs from the servers's" Additional Info: It seems no one else can connect to the server either. Same issue as the bug above. It also happened quite recently on jailbreak.