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ttt_damons_downtown request

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The Traitors have infiltrated downtown and the last remaining task force has been deployed.Take out the Traitors no matter what in this Action packed environment. Rooftops are in your favor and may the best gunman win.


This map plays similar to Kirbycity with the accessible rooftops, but it has a whole lot more of pathways for sneaky players to use.


It features 3 Traitor Rooms, one which actually is quiet different from the ones you usually find.


Oh and it has both the SG system and the standard TTT system for T doors. So everything works ;)


Leave a comment and feedback for improvements!


// Kirby

Screenshots attached


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Map has been updated to B1!


Now has another T room up by the police building, to make it less of an OP spot to camp. There is also a T trap there.

Added additional clipping to some props and stairs.

Also some more detail in one of the main rooms.

Oh and Easter Eggs ;)

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Oh yeah the T rooms do work. But they did something with the server plugins that caused this issue.

Should be resolved when the managers, fix it.


We have done no plugin changes before or after the release of this map :d


We have yet to test the updated version and remove the zone I set though so it may be that. Will be attempting to test your updated version later tonight.

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