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[JB] Gang Menu Command List

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The current gang menu looks like this: https://imgur.com/gallery/CE6JZ8l


I suggest we include the commands list or at least a link to this thread:



- !gang - opens up the gang menu

- !gang gangname - creates your gang

- !gleave - leaves your gang

- !gdisband - disbands your gang

- !ginvite player - invites player to your gang so long as you have the ability to invite members

- !gkick player - kicks player so long as they are below you in rank

- !gpromote player - promotes player

- !gdemote player - demotes player

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Those are already in the gang system if you do !gang but if you go to gang help or whatever it is called. This would be cool to have for people who don’t understand gangs yet or those who just need help with the gang’s commands. Other than that I don’t see a need for this gang menu. But you could make it so you can do a command in chat like /gleave or !gleave so it’s easier to leave a gang as stated above. Usually the owner or whomever has to kick the person who wants to leave. Unless I forgot the gang leave command. I would also want to see a gang confirm thing. So it says are you sure you want to disband this gang and you have to type something in chat to confirm it. As well for everything else in the gang system like confirming promoting/demoting and confirming to make one. I think ZZL is on the right track to an amazing idea.

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