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Detective tase

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I think this is a good point but if were taking realism of the game mode into account, it wouldn't really make sense for that to be a thing. The point of the detective is to make it known, himself, that the person is proven. Thats the detectives job.

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If more than one detective was alive and the T successfully kills him after being tased and gets away with it, it will screw the T over completely if it was given to all detectives.


One of the points of being the detective is to say who you prove and be vocal about it, if the Detectives say nothing and keeps it to himself that’s on that detective. Why would we screw over a T that can get away with killing the detective after getting tased? It would basically make the hunters the hunted because detectives could see this information if given to them and announce it.

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We will not be making an automated system in which an innocent being proven by a detective is announced to the other detectives or players. We don't feel this is needed and we agree with what Kieran had stated about it being "Detectives responsibility to let other detectives know when someone’s innocent. There’s a detective chat for that purpose." Thank you for the suggestion though.

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