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  1. when you break the threshold of being known as a troll
  2. @Bondairysay the gamer word you won't
  3. Well hear me out. You try to cultist knife the mf while flash bang rounding him like your name is requis Only greedy people complain about loot. I’m content just slapping people around while tryna do calibration
  4. Well we only team kill if one of us is muted talking to "others" and then we usually split and regroup / flank on fights Woods/lighthouse is the only good map for 5 mans other maps is ass for it
  5. Always run 5 mans the more risk the better reward
  6. yo hold up give it to someone else i got Elite sub for 2 years bro give to to the homeboy @Bondairyfor being free
  7. @Bondairyyk the vibez ItsKataokaTTV even thou you already got me added @Hawks @Amazing 5 man when, also who am I GLing to death
  8. hey @Pog.probably thinks JB is, but mainly CS:S MG or CS:GO MG Other than CS DMZ has been fun
  9. literally made for him Bajas with the burritos slaps McDonalds is the new BLT quarter Subway is a good steak and double cheese 12"
  10. Mentally sane people cause its what you use to LOOK TO THE SIDES OF YOU but it makes sense you say this