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45 Second LR Rule

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My current understandings of a Last request are the following.

- You can tell someone to go in to a death game area or LR room but you can't kill them (Ex. All T's bum rush four corners be in pit but do not start the death game).

- You can only enforce a death game at 2:30 or later.

- As a result of a death game you need 4 or more players alive.

- Obviously team killing isn't allowed for both CT's and T's using a death game or under any circumstances.

- You only have 45 seconds to enforce a death game.

- You can enforce the same death game twice or do multiple death games if it is past 2:30 or many people have lived from a previous one and that 45 seconds is up.

- The death game has to be map made unless a CT asks the T's if they want to do an optional one and the T gives consent.


Now here is my spiel, the 45 second rule is really pointless if we can enforce another death game or the same death game after that 45 seconds is up. In my opinion enforcing a death game is ensuring the Ts' have to LR whether they like it or not. Just my thoughts on this and correct me if any of my information is incorrect or confusing so I can clarify. The question is why is it even a thing.

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