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jb_skyscraper_go by Undefined request

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jb_skyscraper_go by Undefined

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This map's vibe really stuck out to me. It captures a colorful/vibrant city vibe and it looks and has the same characteristics of a good map. It is clean, the lighting is great and the secrets are good even though it lacks some. I don't think this map has many death games or mini games although it does have some other stuff. It has an Asian theme park that actually works which I find cool. It has a giant armory that can fit 24 CT's and the jail cells hold 40 T's Maximum. It has a disco, library, and infirmary. As well, a Cafeteria, and a pool with a slide, and big cage. Some secrets need to be added and death games too. This map is different from the maps in the current pool as it is larger and more widespread. I am also getting away from the same redundant themes and color schemes that we usually have. (Or at least I am trying too).

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Rejected. The map has a lot of bugs that we do not want to go out of our way to fix. The armory is way to compact, when you try and pick up a gun out of armory it makes you pick up all of them, There is little to no secrets, the outside is cool with the circus stuff but this map would not suit our server very well.

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