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[TTT] Leaderboards for certain actions and adding functionality to the scoreboard

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I've been mulling over some ideas for a while now. Karma contests currently involve people taking screenshots of their karma per map and uploading an image to the forums. It's difficult to measure how well you're doing compared to others besides looking through every single post in the thread. Why not have multiple scoreboards for most number of Ts killed per map, most number of traitors tazed per round, most number of innocents killed as a traitor per round, etc? We could have a single menu accessible via !top implemented like the following:


1. Most detective kills per map

2. Most traitors tazed per round

3. Most innocents killed as traitor per round

4 ... some more interesting leaderboards


And each number opens a separate menu which shows the leaderboard for that category. This way people can easily check in-game and real-time about how they're doing compared to others. These can be reset for contests, and introduces more ways of doing well besides just karma.


Second idea: Using KAD for something more than just placeholders. Kills could become number of kills relevant to your role (number of innocents or detectives killed as a traitor, number of traitors killed as an innocent), assists would be assists relevant to your role, and deaths would be number of fuckups; these would be updated after each round to prevent ghosting. People with the highest ratio of kills to deaths (as defined in the previous sentence) would go in the leaderboard suggestion above as well.

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