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Gifting Credits

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I think this has been talked about frequently in the SG servers about giving credits to certain people, if you have no need for them just to help one another who would like to buy a certain cosmetic for themselves. I feel that gifting a certain amount of credits to other users should be added to the SG servers in general and would be a great add on.

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If they really wanted the credits they could just donate or get sub/vip, participate in SG events, or the plan and simple way, play on the servers. Making credits gift able could lead to things such as players selling credits to other players, players getting on multiple accounts and farming credits, more players begging other players to gift them credits, and could possibly give players a lesser of a reason to go onto the servers or join events.

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This idea will pretty much never happen. Credits are one of the ways we get money for our servers by donating for sub/vip. Also yes, this has been suggested many times before and always got shot down due to this reason that was said above. The whole point of getting credits is an incentive for playing on our servers and if we made it able to gift credits to to other players, cosmetics would no longer be a special incentive to playing on our servers.

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