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  1. I can’t imagine what his family is going through right now.. I never got to know Roux too well with his time as a BD here, but I hope that he’s now finally at peace.. With my deepest condolences, Rest In Peace Roux. You will never be forgotten.
  2. Literally no one would agree it was fun getting domed in the face for holding a T-Weapon, if we add back this rule again you’re basically asking to kill all the fun in figuring out who the T is for christ sakes. This rule was implemented to add more spice to the server because so many people disliked getting killed immediately for holding a T-weapon. I mentioned this once and I WILL mention it again, I cannot tell you how many people slithered around the rule “If you’re holding a Traitorous weapon it’s an instant kos.” Certain things like, when you’re already proven but you pick up the persons awp that you killed, and you still die and they pull the excuse that you were holding the awp which was kosable. I do not want to return to this rule because people will find ways to create loopholes with it. From this rule alone, our population on that server rocketed in playtime and player count because like I said, added more spice to the server.
  3. “You could also make the argument that doing this is "using" the rules/game mechanics to harass another player by getting them killed, which is against the rules, so I'm fine with you warning them.” A slay counts as a warning. “This has previously been ruled by beanie dog to be against the rules (like two years ago lol), but I stand by this ruling. Additionally, the player killingwhoever is being targeted is also in the wrong.”
  4. We have specific skins available to basic supporters, premium supporters, and elite supporters. Then we also have skins for people who don’t want to start a Monthly subscription for 10 or 16 bucks and instead grind for just one of those skins to keep. I understand where you’re coming from but there are many many people who have at least over 100k credits or more from so much playtime on our server. Me myself, I can no longer play that long anymore on my computer. Like I said, we have people who play literally for 24 hours every single day on our servers, and why are they doing this? Most likely because they enjoy the server that much. I will say that spending 4 days in a row on our server to get one skin is indeed a little absurd and I wouldn’t mind seeing most of the skins that aren’t for supporter be reduced by a ton of credits for people who don’t want to spend 4 whole days on the sever just to get one... at best I would say reduce them all to 5 - 10k credits. From my perspective I see that as a reasonable price for people to work towards. I’ll let them answer this question.
  5. In reality your skin is still there, we revamp the shop with new skins for certain events we hold. However long that event lasts for those certain skins stay there, but once the event has ended we add back the skins that were in the shop prior before the event took place. As an example we had the Diva skin, and a couple other skins that I can’t recall at the moment. Once October pulled around we added certain Halloween skins to the shop to match the theme of the holiday obviously. After October ended we added the Diva skin back and the others for a bit until December pulled around and the same process repeated but instead we added new regular skins to select (not totally accurate on that) in the item shop. Whatever skin that you’re upset about leaving the shop and saying you “wasted your credits” on. It won’t be the last time you see it and once it does return you won’t have to fret about spending another 20k or however much it costed. It will be available for you to equip. Also just to add to give you my opinion about this idea, I’m not for it and don’t see a point in adding “OG” skins.
  6. happy 1 year on the forums :)

  7. 1. Sure why not. 2. Yes it would, detectives already have the power to tell you to drop your weapon, turn around to be tazed, freeze to be tazed, and have the special two warnings as well.. giving them an M4A1S on top of that is so unnecessary. We’re not adding “Weapon disappears upon drop” not happening lol. 3. It’s not hard to see, big red letters at the top of your screen and it’s up more than just a second. Do you suggest we take those letters and entire your entire monitor with them? 6. I wouldn’t mind having it back, but like I said it’s an idea for now. I like some of your suggestions but just a couple I completely disagree with, supplied with the statements above.
  8. 1. Good idea but not exactly sure why it’s so hard to type /info 2. Detectives already have so much power over players on the server, adding back the M4A1S is so not needed and would make being selected as a detective broken as hell. Making a plug-in to make it disappear on dropping is also another waste of time, and like I said not needed. 3. How is big red letters at the top of your screen not enough. 4. Waste of time, nobody uses trip mines anymore except for chin or they’re used sometimes to troll. Not broken. 5. Why 6. Possibly in the future, I usually just wait for the person to swing their knife twice or three times chasing after me and mow them down. As this can be taken as T bait. Doesn’t always work out though. But as Kieran already stated, it would take time and effort to implement this feature again.
  9. Great work boys, can’t wait to try this server out. KZ is what introduced me to movement and I kept playing and playing for a very long time. Kreedz will always be in my blood. This is going to bring back some memories for sure.