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  1. That’s alright, I’ll be waiting for my Ryzen Processor in the mail.
  2. This kid is actually going to be incinerated it’s not even humorous.
  3. I’m going to step on you like a bug, insect. Oh don’t worry, this little ego of this child will soon be put into the dirt. Not exactly sure what hidey hole this rodent came crawling out of, but he’ll soon enough be going straight back under..
  4. I’m all in for this new rule, there’s been a lot of unnecessary posts on admin applications from some regulars that never shows why that specific person is applying for Administrator. One of the things that I like the most about this new rule is it keeps admin applications from being cluttered into unwanted posts, or not having anything to do about about that person that’s applying or just getting their friends to milk them supports so it gives them better chances. Lots of people put “support” on an application without giving any info of why that person is a good candidate for our servers. Mainly I think this change will be for the best because it throws away the option of people going back and fourth at each other’s throats for their vote, or just arguing for that matter, which is never something we like to see on admin applications specifically. Looking forward to see where this leads in future, and hopefully it’s for good.
  5. Ya’ll really just gonna let me take the W in this event without even attempting a decent run? Come on now.
  6. What is your in-game name? bones What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_0:0:124600648 What style are you entering in? Normal Time for submission: 4:30.732 Screenshot of time:
  7. It’s about damn time we got another one of these. Best of luck to whoever enters the competition!
  8. Arctic

    replay bot

    Probably should have been posted in the Suggestions Box but I guess it’s fine. It would be really nice to have a replay bot on mg course maps, that way players get a better understanding of how the map works instead of just trying to guess where to go, and how to improve there time. Replay Bots are already on Surf and Bhop, so I don’t see any reason why mg course shouldn’t have one.
  9. Damn straight! Now let’s aim for that big ol 30 submissions! We got this!