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  1. This is exactly why people do it, and that’s why they like to play along. But obviously, some people take the rules too seriously and end up ruining the fun in it. Also, what are you talking about. You can legit throw a bomb into a crowd of people and explode them into pieces. What do you mean “I wouldn’t see a good use for a breach charge other wise.” There’s a lot of other alternatives of when to use the Breach Charge, it wasn’t implemented for the soul purpose of throwing it onto other people, and using them as suicide bombers.
  2. I don’t play JB much but, to my knowledge the CT is basically forced to repeat the order he has given if a T is requesting so, if he doesn’t repeat the order then that’s unfair to the prisoners. Now adding onto the category of prisoners using it to troll. If the CT repeats the order once (which he should if asked) but the same person asks for another repeat, I feel you should be subjected to definitely refuse it a second time because it’s blatant that the person is abusing it.
  3. This did put a smile on my face.
  4. I mean you can move the bodies, if you hold e on them and walk into them, they’ll move. If you’re suggesting something else like being able to pick up props and legit take them with you wherever you want while they float in the air, evidently people would abuse this and prop block entrances, block other people from moving, etc..
  5. Already being discussed here
  6. There are times when the bodies do get get on my nerves, especially when I’m trying to escape somewhere as a T but I just killed 5 people in front of a door way. So the bodies are blocking the direction I want to, and basically screwing me over sometimes. If we were able to remove the collision from dead bodies during this event, I don’t have any issues with them staying. On the other hand, the event isn’t going to be sticking around for that much longer anyway. If they are unable of fixing the collision then I can wait it out (and I’m sure you can too) until the events finished. It’s not super concerning to where it irritates me 24/7.
  7. About a month. Also, 20 with frame drop to be exact.
  8. Very well done! Usually I’d always stick to 16GB of RAM being that’s all you need to run more than enough. Anything above it I think is just overkill and just too expensive for my liking. But hey, if you have the money for it, I ain’t complaining. Looking forward to building my PC soon as well! I’ll make sure to post it in here once it’s finished.
  9. 1. You just stated why we wouldn't add this. This would cause a lot of commotion within the servers, and basically cause a chaotic outbreak. On top of that, it gives us more shit to worry about under our belts, adding on to what we already have to look out for. 2. Suggested in the past, has always been turned down. Basically this wouldn't work period. As sully has already stated... several times. It would be way too much to implement into every server and this idea is just screaming "NO" into my ears. I cannot count the number of times of how much trading has shot the player base of other communities, I've seen it happen.. (Including other games) Trust me, this is not something we want to handle at all.
  10. Uh so if you wanted to submit Week 1 still it wouldn't count any longer?
  11. If the matchbox was added, the meta right now wouldn’t go anywhere. It wouldn’t be used, and it would be sitting in the T menu rotting... I just can’t see anybody using it.
  12. This. Also, I can definitely guarantee it’s not happening. In the past people have already suggested plenty of skins and they usually get turned down.
  13. I like this idea but, when it was last available in TTT not a single person ever touched it. Which brought them to just completely remove it from the menu all together. Not gonna lie here but I’d venture to say the exact same thing would happen again, and everyone would forget it’s even existing. Like Shawty stated, people would more or so use this item to troll rather than actually using it strategically. Given of what the meta is in TTT as of now, I just can’t picture people using it again. Still a thought.