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JBs "Private" Problem

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Over the last few weeks playing on JB I've noticed a large influx of new players. Some of which have no concept on how JB works at all and some of which have little to no knowledge of the rules on SG. Often these players will do the right thing at first playing rounds on T side, but then things take a dark turn and some of these player decide to jump right off the deep end, switching to CT. Obviously having brand new players playing on CT can be dangerous to the game. So basically what I'm suggesting is a 2-3 hour lock on CT for new players in order for them to be able to play on T and get a good feel for the game and rules first.


IDK this might be a little extreme. If you guys have any thoughts/improvements/critiques please leave a comment

(im not actually sure if this "lock" exists already but if it does imma look really stupid) oh well :banplease:

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This has been discussed many times and rejected for wanting to keep players on the servers. Nobody wants to play t for 3 hours and not be able to play CT. To my knowledge there is a 30 minute mark before you are allowed to play CT already. Doubt to ever see a change to that time but who knows.


Here is a recent post on the same thing you brought up https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=95297

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This has been suggested a lot, and we've always come to the conclusion that 25 minutes is good because it is long enough to keep out bad people who are just trying to break the rules, but also short enough so that it isn't annoying to achieve. Also, increasing the time would not change anything, the people who want to break the rules would still just wait it out. 25 minutes give players enough time to learn the server and have a decent knowledge of the rules to prepare them for being a CT.

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