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  1. Event is starting now, join the events VC on discord
  2. Bedwars event will be tonight @ 8, hope to see you guys there.
  3. Jmc

    1v1 me divi only losa

  4. drown Event went well, thanks to everyone who came out.
  5. Event starting, join the events channel in discord!
  6. Kopsta

    Squad Changelog

    10/30/20 Squad discord is live! Join here: https://discord.gg/KKAn6J4mfS
  7. Kopsta

    Squad Bug Reporting

    @Andrew something strange is happening on the server end of things, I have removed the map several times only for it to just reappear. It should be fixed soon.
  8. Kopsta

    Squad Changelog

    10/1/20 Removed the map Fallujah Insurgency based of off general negative feedback.
  9. Kopsta

    Squad Changelog

    9/28/20 We are adding a new rule since we originally overlooked it. "No firing or placing mines within 300 meters of the enemy main. If there is a point within 300 meters of main or it is a smaller map (use your judgement) the distance is 100 meters."
  10. Kopsta

    Squad Changelog

    9/24/20 Removed skirmish maps because they killed population due to how small the games are.
  12. Meant to write on this earlier, but I got busy. First and foremost I would like to thank my partner in crime @Infinityward for helping me get this set up for you guys. We have both been wanting to do this for a while now and I am hoping this will prosper. Big thanks to @John and @BoM for helping us get this set up so quickly and letting me harass them into get this server for us. Last, but most certainly not least, is a big thanks to @Caution for giving us the go ahead on this and getting the server for us, I hope I won’t let you down. Again, I recommend you all take advantage of the sale coming up, you won’t regret it.
  13. Kopsta

    Squad Staff List

    This list will be updated accordingly Server Managers SilentGuns Infinityward John BoM Admins Steven. Vinyl Yang Nate Globby Demi Moop the Communism Roudy Pupster Dimitry bumm3r mmmmmmm nate Roudy
  14. Kopsta

    Squad Bug Reporting

    If you find any bugs while playing on the server, post them in this format: Keep In mind that the bug may be for the actual game and not just for our server. If it is deemed so, you may or a manager may forward it to the squad discord.