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To start, this would be a suggestion to the new forums which may already be a feature there.


There should be a way to link your Discord profile to your forums profile so people can add you on Discord by clicking a handy little icon under your name. On top of this, there should be a Discord bot that can let someone do the command ".getrank" or "/getrank" that will search for that user's Discord ID on the forums and give them the correct ranks related to their forum account.


I suck at explaining things so let me provide an example if I weren't clear enough:


Say @fantastic just joined the Discord for the first time and received the "guest" rank allowing him access to the most basic channels. A new channel would be made in the Discord called "#getrank" where people can run the /getrank command. Fantastic would run this command, and as long as his Discord was linked to his forum account he would receive his ranks automatically.


This would save some trouble with getting people their proper ranks, and would only make the mods really responsible for taking away ranks if someone steps down or is banned.

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what if someone joins the discord but doesnt have a forum account? If it’s possible with the bot you’re suggesting would they be given a “guest member” or “player” role or would it have to be done manually by CAs?

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This was in our plans and will be done on the new forums. You'll be able to link your Discord to your forum account and get your rank automatically on the server. The current system in place to allow non-forum users to use the Discord will remain, which gives them the Player role automatically upon joining. If anyone wants to comment on the system once it's implemented, they can do so in the future. I'll mark this accordingly.


Thanks for the suggestion.

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