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Help Me Get More FPS Plz

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Current Specs:

1060 6GB

i7 6700k

ASRock b150m-hds



I have been playing MW Warzone and my computer isn't performing well in the downtown area/fps drops. Averaging 80fps dips to as low as 60fps in gunfights. Asking if there is a weak point in my build? What part/parts I need to upgrade to get around 100+ (preferably 144+ 1080p). I'm not looking to spend bank either, but if it is the case I need to know. I'm not good at this PC building thing


thanks for any help o_D

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Well, warzone is a computer-intensive game from the looks of their recommendations for hardware to run it.


What are your video settings? I would suggest turning them down so it's less on your computer. Otherwise, I would suggest closing other things in the background you aren't using to free up more ram. I know GeForce has "optimized" settings for games, so you may try that and see the results.

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