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  1. Uhhh rough estimate based on my old hours somewhere from 58-70K.
  2. This event is all wrapped up, and while there really weren't many participants it was fun to do and we'll probably look to repeat it again next year. A total of $245 was contributed for this event, however many people opted to not get gifts, resulting in the people who were left getting pretty nice Christmas gifts! Thanks to all who contributed, any extra funds will be used for future giveaways, prizes, etc. Gifts given out: John - hardspace shipbreaker and zero hour. Also donated part of his would-be gift to a rust giveaway. what a guy. Crawfish - RS6 Deluxe Edition, Sea of Theives, Phasmophobia Leon Mordecai - Sakura Gamer 2, Sakura Knight, Sakura Knight 2, Sakura Knight 3, Sakura Succubus, Sakura Succubus 2, Sakura Succubus 3 (YOU FUCKING FILTHY WEEB!), DOOM, & DOOM Eternal. We gave you the last two in hopes of pushing some manly shooting and gore on you after all those weeb games. Disgusting...I need to go shower now.
  3. I picked the right horse
  4. Hey folks! In the spirit of Christmas and the winter season we are hosting a new community wide event to promote a positive way you can give back to your fellow gamers. Starting immediately you'll be able to use the link below to donate money towards this event, with the minimum amount you can donate being $10. Now comes the fun part, sometime between 12/17 to 12/31 anyone who donated money will receive a gifted game on steam of a same or higher value than what they donated up to a $30 max. This isn't to say you might not get let's say a $40 or even $50 gift if you're lucky, but we are only guaranteeing we will use up to $30 in donations per person towards gifts. So it's pretty simple, click the link below to donate between $10 and $30 to this event and receive a steam gift between now and the end of the year. If you'd like to donate more than $30 to help fund bigger gifts for everyone then you are welcome to do so. If you want to donate money and you do not want to receive a gift please DM me on discord saying so. Also make sure to add the SG bot steam account as we will be handing out gifts from there and update your wish list! We will also be selecting up to 5 people who donate to help us pick out what gifts people get throughout the next few weeks. Anyone who gets a gift will be PMed on the forums and will have it posted here in this thread. At the end of it all we'll make a big post showing where everyone's funds went and all the games that were gifted. Lets get this thing going! Give a Gift, Get a Gift
  5. I'm gonna be straight and tell you that this is not going to happen. It has been brought up and talked about many many times and has been shot down for various reasons I do not feel like explaining publicly, but the CA+ know most of the reasoning behind it. That being said, we are working on something that will perhaps provide a middle ground and offer more moderation...but as with all good changes, it's gonna take a little bit of time to roll out. I'd like to squash a few misconceptions though, as I've seen them floating around quite a bit lately and it's not great for notably incorrect information to be perpetuated like this. First, being discord DND for most IA+ does not mean we are unavailable nor does it affect anyone's ability to get a hold of us. Most of us keep DND during the day because we do not want to hear the god awful fucking pinging noise of discord messages going off in 20...40...60+ channels in the staff discord. We still see messages, we still see pings, and most of us still respond rather quickly to either of those...whether our sound is muted or not. Second is the thought that the IA+ are these incredibly busy people and therefore we should default more stuff to the CAs, SMs, etc. Yes, the IAs are all mostly adults or close to it and therefore lead relatively busy lives, but they're also very capable of juggling all that and being readily available to tend to your pings, messages, and whatever the hell else you throw at them. Part of the selection process for IA+ is that activity...most specifically discord activity as it is where 98% of our discussions take place...and at this point its the primary communication platform within the community. Honestly at least half the CAs are notably less active and available during the day than the IA+ it's really a moot point. We are aware of this growing consensus that CAs or CA+ should have more discord mod perms (message delete), and we understand that it's a little different than the kind of access they have on the forums...but there are reasons for that. Most of the time when discord issues come up, I've seen them handled within 5 minutes...which by all standards is fine and anyone expecting instantaneous results doesn't really understand what the fuck they're talking about. Adding more people to modding would not only...not make things get handled any faster or better, but it'd actually be a huge fucking headache for the IA+ team to sift through everything the CAs end up doing on discord. Again, I don't really want to get into all the reasoning or specifics behind it all...but it's where we are. So yeah, go ahead and discuss further if you want...but there are already plans in place to add onto the current moderation, just not this.
  6. Hey folks, I know this is long overdue and it's been several months since we did a MotM or SotM so lets get straight into it. These guys have all shown great dedication and support to the community over the last month and are now being recognized for it. Please hold your applause till the end when I've finished announcing all the winners, thank you. First we have someone who has been extremely active on Zombie Escape, a server that has been in the spotlight a lot lately and continues to grow and thrive as people like him pour hours of effort into making it a great place to be. Now we have this issue with MotM where a lot of people we want to nominate inevitably end up applying for admin and getting it, making it so they are no longer members. So we came up with a simple solution, wait until after we make the MotM announcement to give them admin. Please join me in congratulating @FanService on Member of the Month, even if he is only going to be a member for another 30 minutes or so. Next we have a bit of rare occurrence, as we are announcing three, yes THREE, Staff of the Month team members at the same time. Before you go thinking that we're doing this because missed a few months I'll tell you that this is not the case. As with Member of the Month, we're highlighting what is growing back into one of our "big three" servers, Zombie Escape. This server, after taking a big loss in both player count and staffing, looked like it was on it's last breath back a few months ago. Thankfully a few brave souls stepped in and said they could return it to its former glory, and holy shit they weren't kidding because now it's popping in there almost every night. @Takuto You came back and took up a role much more demanding than when you were previously staff here, and you did so confidently even though you knew you had so much work ahead of you. From your constant planning and ideas in the SM chat to your interactions with the player base, your actions do not go unnoticed by anyone here. @Paralyzed As with Takuto, you came back to take on a role that was knowingly going to be a struggle, even after all the time you've already dedicated to this place over the years. You have been able to offer incredible wisdom and guidance and really be the rock that the ZE SM team needed to get through some of the tough times you guys were presented with and come out on the other side. @ManiacThe champion, the legend, the 7 fucking rank, 2 time SotM absolute best bud I've brought the energy that keeps everyone going. You showed up when we all needed it, starting conversations, planning meetings, and just being there as a smiling face even when other people were trying to keep you down. I never thought when we started talking back in May and June about you joining the staff ranks that you'd end up here, fuck ya bud. Every one of you 100% deserves credit and praise for all of the effort you guys have poured into ZE over not only the last month but since you guys stepped up when we came to you asking for help. Everyone please join me in congratulating these three on Staff of the Month! Okay, you can clap now.
  7. Hey folks here are the challenges for week 4 and 5, sorry for the delay we've been working hard in the background to find ways to improve these challenge weeks as we continue on to the end. As this is week 4 and 5 and we're still behind by a few days, we'll likely extend the challenge out by one week at the end. Moving forward there won't be anymore delays and we will continue on with this format all the way through week 12! So a quick refresher, challenges can be submitted until the end of the challenge event. Some of these challenges will be easy to prove you did and others will be harder, but it's all part of the fun. The forms will explain all the requirements for each challenge and do not require all challenges to be complete to submit, should you only want to complete certain challenges. All challenges needed to complete week 4 & 5 are as follows: Week 4 ZE - Beat a hard tier map JB - As a prisoner kill 5 guards in one round TTT - As a terrorist kill 6 people including a detective in a round Bhop - Complete a Tier 3 Map on Normal, Prespeed-Allowed, or Segmented Surf - Complete surf_summer on Low Gravity Completion Form Week 5 TF2 (Dustbowl) - Get 10 Headshots with Sniper MG - Complete 5 course maps Retakes - Finish with the most kills during the map 1v1 - Finish a game with a KD 1.00 or higher Scrim - Win a game on Vertigo Completion Form
  8. In an effort to get more people involved and participating in the event/contest we are reformatting a few challenges and changing the overall idea of challenge weeks. The challenges will no longer need to be completed during the week they are released, meaning they can be completed anytime between now and then end of December at your leisure. This includes the two weeks that have already passed. As the weeks build up we'll condense them into one large thread where you can go to see how you're doing comparatively. Hopefully this gives everyone a little more leeway in completing the challenges how they want, but remember you still need 30 and 60 challenges complete respectively to get the prizes depending on what you're chasing. Week 3 will be posted later this evening, good luck!
  9. As you said, its a powerful'd be surprised how much you can string multiple discords together ;)
  10. This man is delusional, you can't trust anything he says!