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    Game 1, Game 2. All of em.
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    Gabe Newell is a lazy fat piece of shit sitting on money he earned over a decade ago and a platform built almost 20 years ago that I'm sure he has little to no input or influence over. I would not bank on anything simply because he said it.
  3. A W A R D S ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!! (BANNER CREDIT TO @Creten) Yeah so like I said, they are back and here to stay! These were removed temporarily when we moved to the new forums, as we had to completely remake them to work with the new builder. The awards have changed a lot from what we had previously, which is good because they honestly needed an update. You can look at and request awards HERE and that tab is also available from the forum pull down up top, but please make sure you are eligible for the award you are looking at. We had to rework the entire system so there might be a bug or two depending on what you're looking at so don't freak out if you find one, just tell a staff member (not me, do not ping me). STUFF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR VIEW AWARDS HERE REQUEST AWARDS HERE SPECIAL THANKS TO @thuxys@crazedkangaroo@Nate.@euro@williamc_d(for serving his country) @Benzene @Black Rain@John@Gator@Trazz AND@markisun35 Aight roll the end credits I'm done here..
  4. Good Evening fellow nerds, As previously discussed we have been looking for ways to be more transparent as BDs and freely share what we are working on when possible. We had previously tried doing this with quarterly reports and will now be releasing our meeting notes minus a few subjects that don't need to be publicly shared. These meetings usually happen roughly once a month and therefore notes will be released similarly. Saturday 05/01/21 Notes: Possible Junior Staff Rank + Admin App Discussion - Grant the CAs ability to gather people that are on the servers and forums to join the Junior Staff rank and be called when help is needed. - Similar to Wawa's "call to arms" group. - Could call it recruits. Make feel them more obligated. - Target starting number: 10+ - Have them wear a tag similar to how SilentGuns has squad players wear a |SG| tag. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - There have not been many approved apps as of recently but it can be due to it being a bunch of kids. - The current admin app system has been fine. - Junior Staff rank could produce better admins as it'll be hand picked by the CAs. - Potentially have the Junior Staff rank be a prerequisite to apply for admin. Trying to Improve TT Team & Retention - Looking to recruit newer people to JTA that code as a hobby vs for a career to decrease burnout. - Post on reddit or ask around the servers. - [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] are looking into Source2. [REDACTED] can code in css and html. - Can pay people for temp projects if necessary. We don't want this to be a long term option as it'll end up costing us more. It would be best to have them be from the community. - [REDACTED] can maybe be a database guy in the future. Reviewing Recognition Ranks - John made a PowerPoint - General consensus was that it took awhile to decide what rank someone deserves. It does not actually take that long, at most 30 minutes of talking. Majority take less than 5 minutes. - Recognition ranks are meaningless if we had one rank. The point of the rank is to give recognition to one's work. It'd be awful to put someone like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on the same rank as [REDACTED]. - Proposal is to either go back to HG and LG or stick with our current system. - Use [REDACTED] as a tracking system for those that comeback into staff and then step down again. We can also make it where you retain your recognition rank. - [REDACTED] says they prefer to have one rank and if you get SM+ you get it. [REDACTED - Upcoming Event Discussion] Official Limitations On Staff Returning After Step Down or Demotion - Right now if someone steps down they must wait 3 months. There has no been an exception. Weird that there is no official rule for those that have been demoted or banned. - Case by case it is usually 6-12 months. 6 months from their demotion and a year from their unban. - Demoted from SM/IA you are barred for 1 year. If banned, 1 year from unban. - Demoted from BD/TA you're permanently barred from any level of staff. - Demoted from SA, CA and any other staff rank you're barred for 6 months. If banned, 6 months from the unban. - [REDACTED] - If [REDACTED] has an issue with someone coming back to a high up rank then we will likely tell them no indefinitely. Admin Activity Tracker - [REDACTED] - [REDACTED] - [REDACTED] - [REDACTED] Conclusion Send a bunch of warning PMs and be a bit more lenient on activity. Advertising Our Community - See if we can pay to run ads on websites. Make banners and go to websites to - Ads on Google? We are trying to advertise a gaming community, google is not a good spot as we may not be able to reach the targeted audience. It would be better to run ads on other websites or try and target people where games are discussed. - Pay for discord advertising (websites}. - DayZ servers can pay to have their servers on the top of the browser. We can see if we can do it for our Squad servers. - Figure out a value for a budget. Meeting Transparency - We are not fond of sit in meetings. [REDACTED] mentioned about taking notes then redacting certain parts and then publish the notes. - Quarterly reports can do well but they really only work if we have big topics to mention in them. - Using last meeting's notes in February as an example, we can rephrase what was stated and give the gist of what everyone said. - Sit in meetings just no. We would have to watch what we say for some topics as they cannot be public. I.e. demotions, team reports etc.... - Could try out more community meetings. It can cause drama with people giving opinions during the meeting and after. The topics are so generalized where they may not really be able to have any crazy input. - Use this meeting's notes as a test run. Forums Update - 4.5 theme is in development. Gator is just "fixing that bitch". Majority of it is done, only small things are left. Discord Team - Good idea to have a Discord Team since ours is growing. - [REDACTED]
  5. That's it I'm gonna body block you off the map.
  6. OP has been updated with the official stats, soak it in boys and girls. I almost forgot: Fuck you @Gator
  7. Stats coming soon™
  8. (Banner Credit goes to: @Nate.) So here I am just minding my own business and this ruthless dictator Gator comes in calling me out for not donating enough, As seen here: In order to prove him wrong, I will be sponsoring a small playtime event this weekend WITH MY OWN MONEY. Starting at midnight tonight and ending at midnight on Sunday I will keep track of the playtime in the servers for anyone who thanks this post. The people with the top two total playtimes at the end of Sunday will each receive $50 in gifted items (i.e.premium supporter, elite supporter, credits) of your choosing. If collectively we amass over 500 hours between the people who thank this post I will see to it that Gator is demoted. Thank you for your time. Fuck you @Gator All Ts 34.0 ya boi 26.3 A Frantic Potato 21.8 Jackson 17.7 carrollton 15.0 spook 13.7 D4NK 12.1 TheZZL 11.2 3ni 10.6 BloodBlades 10.5 Happy Cat 10.4 oSen 10.1 kura 10.0 Asuna 7.5 Mace 7.4 Spy. 7.4 Nate. 7.3 Mark Rober 6.7 cook1e(realone) 6.1 R3Flex 6.0 Byte 5.9 Asher 5.4 20 scrolls 5.4 Error. 5.2 Easterpink 4.2 Takuto 4.0 cnb 3.8 Clamor 3.8 Shawty 3.8 Strayyz 3.6 the baconator 3.6 Tethys 3.5 BeetleAtom 3.0 Creten 3.0 Arctic wolf 2.6 Zero Two 2.6 dolo 2.6 Paggos 2.5 Dom 2.4 Greggy G 2.3 Roddy 1.9 Kyle 1.8 gween 1.7 Reid99 1.5 Hypno 1.4 WavY 1.4 Yang 1.2 f0x 1.0 Starlegendgod 0.8 Happy Man 0.5 Congrats to @All Ts(ur psychotic) and @ya boi, DM me what you want with your $50 (SG perks only). For those wondering our total hours wracked up were 337.7 hours across 50 people who participated. Not too shabby for a random weekend event, maybe we'll do this more often ;). Looks like we are all still stuck with Gator, but we will keep on our path to throw out this tyrannical man!
  9. I will for better movie(s) since clearly Saturday be the movie day. not a big MK fan.