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    New Rule - Old Ways

    To put some clarity on this - 98% of people won't find themselves being seen as disruptive by the board. As stated previously this was put in place to be used as a tool by the BDs to remove the most unwanted people in the community. Cracking a joke, doing a little trolling, or breaking the occasional rule will not put you on our radar or have you being seen as disruptive to the community. If you feel someone is truly being disruptive then message a BD about it and we will document it and take your comments into consideration when looking into that individual or a situation. The prime example of this is of course Polarzz, someone who we had received many messages about from a variety of people basically stating that they felt he didn't belong and was doing nothing but being anti-community, insulting people, making homophobic comments etc. It was a decision that came from looking at a long span of his behavior along with those messages sent to us regarding how he was affecting them. I've edited the wording slightly to try and clarify this.
  2. Beloved community members, In response to a growing sense of need to remove certain community members who provide nothing positive and are here only to troll and wreak havoc we have decided to establish a new rule. This is in response to comments that have been made to us regarding how certain situations are handled as well as conversations that were had at the community meeting. In times past BDs were far less lenient to those who simply wasted a lot of time and harassed staff and members alike in ways that skirted around the rules. This, ironically, led to less conflict and less hostility among those not removed from the community because they could co-exist here peacefully without the annoyance or excessive negativity. New Rule: Do not be continuously disruptive to the community via consistent trolling, breaking rules, or speaking badly about other members/staff/the community. This is not something that will be enforced by Admin -> IA, but something that is issued directly by the BDs. If the BDs collectively and unanimously decide that you are not fit for this community and are simply a nuisance disturbing our staff and members then we reserve the right to remove you for as long as we feel is necessary. This is already something we had the general ability to do as leaders of the community, however this is now a more written in stone statement so those attempting to skirt around the rules understand the full scope of authority and ruling that the BDs are applying. Thank you for you time.
  3. Polarzz has been banned for 6 months for being disruptive to the community while arguing with mods on the forums. This on top of using homophobic slurs on the servers after already being demoted some time ago for in fact: being homophobic. Now it's up to the individual to prove they are or are not a certain way, however in polarzz case we have evidence of him being clearly homophobic here and elsewhere on top of saying homophobic slurs on our platform(s). All that aside, this ban was issued based on a new rule regarding being disruptive to the community. Polarzz stated very clearly that he doesn't care about the community or anyone here and was only here to disrupt a community he says he is no longer apart of. Cya champ. Good luck with the homophobia.
  4. You're missing a lot of factors here way unrelated to the community in terms of games that have come out drawing people away from CS:GO, especially on the non-competitive side. Hang around here and interact with the groups of active people and you'll see a lot of them just prefer spending their time "around" but playing other games. This is actually very insightful, sort of had an 'aha moment' when reading this. Correlating the root of the toxicity to the culture created by the servers is quite something and I see this as something we can build an actionable solution from.
  5. We're never moving our schedules for you!!!!!
  6. WHATS THE RED T MEAN!?!? Not gonna stop saying this though. #BDabuse
  7. that's different. You're allowed to break the rules on BDs. Just like they are allowed to abuse every power they have on you.
  8. Oh I get it, for the people that might cry about the change. Smart!
  9. What's the red T in the corner mean?
  10. Daft has been banned for 6 months for constant shitposting + trolling as well as seemingly being unable to control his emotions and stop causing problems on any platform he is on. He has been warned, muted, warned 5x more, banned 3 (now 4) different times off the forums. We don't have time for this kind of behavior right now, try back later.