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Would it be possible to set up a filter that searches for maps with words in common when nominating a map? For example, I cannot type "nominate benevolent" to nominate surf_benevolent. Instead, I must type the entire map name which is easy in this case because I just add "surf_" to the beginning, but for other maps, this can be a bit difficult if you only know one word of the name. Is it possible to allow nomination of maps that have names similar to the words the player used?

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I think that would be a great idea, it happens sometimes for me, I play surf sometimes and j can play from 5 min to an hour, and sometimes it's really annoying when you forgot maps name and remember only part/word of maps name. i often play with someone, and I don't have enough time to remember name or find one before rtv menu pops up

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I think this is a fantastic idea, I would love to type partial or the whole map name in general instead of scrolling through to find it. Well yes it’s not difficult to find the map you’re looking for, I still think this would be a very unique idea to add to the servers. I play a shit ton of bhop, and sometimes I like nominating a good handful of maps I haven’t completed yet, gotta get that map percentage completion higher.


I really like this thought and hope we could somewhat possibly implement this into the servers in the near future.

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