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(JB) Map Purge / Map Contest

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Right now, there are 25 maps in the Jailbreak map rotation. I personally haven't played a good 7-10 of those maps in a good while now. While there's always the maps you can guarantee will get played like razor, vipinthemix, spyvspy, summer jail, etc., I think it's good to try and keep a fresh map rotation whether it be with new maps or maps of years past to try and keep variety when a non-mainstream map gets voted in. I think it would be good to do a map marathon of the 10 least played maps, do an in-game vote to see if the map is worth keeping, and then bringing those 10 maps to a forum post with the vote statistics to then have more feedback on what should stay and go.


To promote trying to find new maps instead of recycling old maps (I mean, they got removed for a reason), I think it would be good to have a map suggestion contest and have the most played map (out of the added group of maps) after like, a month?, get some sort of prize. This would encourage people to try and find good maps for the server and hopefully incentivize players to try and play the new maps you guys would add.

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Tbh, I’ve started to grow a dislike for electric_razor_revamp2 or what ever it’s called. Way too many secrets, don’t really have fun on the map, rounds end in like 2 minutes or less most of the time because of the amount of opportunities Ts have to rebel



I would like to see this event, chance to play maps that no one chooses

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The only maps purgeable (through my experiences and opinions) are jb_mariowolrd_rsc_sgedit_v4, ba_jail_xmf_v1-2 (Hasn't been on the rotation long enough to be included though), ba_mlcastle_se, and jb_kwejsi_v4_sgedit. I'm fine with a map purge event, we just need to remember to remind players to go vote on the map removal threads that get created afterward.

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