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I'm here to talk about a serious issue going on in our one of our very own servers.. people, many people are dying. In the Prison Break Server these innocent players are dying because of a cruel, evil, and flawed slaying system. This system wrongfully takes the lives of many players each and everyday.

It kills at the very beginning of the round. And for what reason?! There is none.

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Are you talking about the 'Playing in same round twice' system or? I occasionally die because of joining the prison break server a 2nd time and then once the new round starts, I die, a bit annoying I think.

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it's just a glitch, when your alive so to speak and you try to switch teams, it will slay you for playing the round twice.


as to why it does it I'm not sure, but it's easily avoided by:


  • switching teams when your dead!
  • not switching teams!
  • asking an admin to switch you!


but if it does happen, leave the game and rejoin in 5 or 10 minutes and it should be fine.

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I think its about time we got the "rebel" mod on the server. It basically tells you in chat when a T is attacking a CT and it shows their name saying "[sG] Paul is now a rebel!". This would clear things up about "why did you kill me, I never attacked anyone!", but would also ruin PB in a way.


The mod is from a hosties server I play on, anyone know if I can like download it from thier server or will I have to download it from a website?


EDIT: http://addons.eventscripts.com/addons/view/hosties



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