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jb_arcade_b6 request

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This is the updated version of Thorgot's jb_arcade_b4 that's currently on the server. The b6 version has lots of additional fixes and improvements listed here:
There's a "Grab" secret that the past managers expressed concerns about (When it was still being developed). I doubt it's an issue as it's probably a hard secret and wouldn't cause THAT much trouble.
The newer version of the map also added a lot of DangerZone items, such as parachutes, exosuits, a turret, etc..

Screenshots attached

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I was about to do a suggestion about this yesterday , but I couldnt find the download link , but the meggi secret is kos , every secret is kos in arcade , and the grab secret can kill people , just by shaking em or stop shaking and throw them off a cliff ,  so it dosent really have anything negative the b6 added's the purple mac 10 , the rainbow p2000 , Meggi secret , their a command that you can do to disable meggi to kill you , but their no reason to do this cause every character of the simpsons are kos.

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