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  1. you already know mine since we basically play league everyday
  2. Roddy

    Ze Game Night!

    thanks to some of those who decided to show up! Event is over thanks for coming (forgot to do this when event ended like 20 mins ago)
  3. Roddy

    Ze Game Night!

    event is in t-minus 2 hours
  4. Event is over! Thanks for Coming (nobody can leave now)
  5. Roddy

    Ze Game Night

  6. Roddy

    Ze Game Night!

    Map List ze_Mojos_Minigames_v1_4_1 ze_mapeadores_museum_v1 ze_randomizer_c1 When? December 12th @ 6:00pm EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: If you have any good event ideas you can propose them in the #suggestions section on the Official SGZE Discord! If you are not already in our Official SGZE Discord, below is the link to join. Just click the image and you will be redirected automatically.