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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map


Link to map download


Additional Information

this map is similar to a popular map that got removed jb_clouds and I think it will be fun to have a map like that back in rotaion

Screenshots attached

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I actually made a review of this map in this thread, and here are my notes:





Mapmakers Notes:


An abstract Jailbreak map with a variety of minigames to keep the Ts occupied in this surreal hellhole.


Requires no collision for players and mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1





Colour Drop


Diving Board Challenge

Honeycomb Maze

Faulty Doors

Obstacle Course

Smacker Pit


Arena with a surreal theme

Arena with a mining theme





Robot Wars

RC Cars



Two AK's and a Scout on the roof of the Church

Heavy Armor, an AWP, Galil, and Bump Mines in the Building behind the cells -Accessible using a boost and ladder

Medishots and Armor in Medic

UMP-45 At the end of the yellow/blue pipe past the water adjacent to the building behind cells

Three breach charges behind the map-creaiting sign above the arena entrance


Map Specification:

Metal Detecor

If you jump off the map/use a specific secret you are teleported into a "You are an idiot" box which you are put on display and can be killed for


Final Notes:

The map is extremely chaotic and unbalances, needs lots of changes that only the map creator could do. Additionally, the file size is extrmely large. I do not recommend this map for the servers.


Like I said in the final notes, the map is chaotic, large, and seemingly unorganized. I really wouldn't recommend this map for our servers, as the CTs would get stomped by the amount of overpowered secrets and how easy they are to access. Infinityward_, who's a judge for the Gamebanana Contest this map was submitted for, would probably agree with me as we shared the same thoughts while looking at the map.

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We sadly aren't going to add this map. It's too large has too many secrets, and lots of ways to get primaries/heavy armor. 


Feel free to add more map suggestions in the future!

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