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  1. what idiots voted vanya he only did a 180, in MONEY HACK we do that on the daily smh
  2. imagine being an admin

  3. just kidding bitch no thanks fuck you gween you became admin loser

  4. this will help new players because older players can show them secrets
  5. just died to kuri because 2 people were having a full conversation while the orders are in asmr not his fault jsut retarded that nobody cant hear shit
  6. there is currently no use for the ct ranks now (i think) becausae the ct ranks were reset i think lower ranks should talk over lower ranks because there can be a lot of confusion at peak hours lots of people say that they cant hear orders and get killed because of it
  7. yes I always wanted to play some underrated maps
  8. my friend irl just got a pc and he’s going to play jb with me, I don’t know how to tell him the rules can anyone help his name is cool_bread
  9. Mcuser is swagsolar pls add
  10. solar


    You could have a bot that asks you if you are ok with swears, racism etc ad if they choose no they get the regular vcs but if they choose yes then they get some other vcs where racism, swears is allowed
  11. solar


    all vcs all words are just words to me