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  1. what idiots voted vanya he only did a 180, in MONEY HACK we do that on the daily smh
  2. when i comp i usually get and HE smoke and flash, but there isnt an option for nades during pistol round (or nades at all) so pistol rounds seem bland, i would like to be able to choose nades ty
  3. i was thinking of smgs besides p90 and or pistol
  4. it would be pretty cool to have a 5% chance to have an eco round for 1 team and the skill level of all players will go up
  5. solar

    ATLAB and LOK

    Don’t use a free VPN, that shit mines your data with a diamond pickaxe efficiency 5
  6. Ok I read @TheZZL jb_clouds removal so it is now not similar to clouds
  7. There are screenshots in the link I attached
  8. Map Suggestion Full map name jb_alter Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information this map is similar to a popular map that got removed jb_clouds and I think it will be fun to have a map like that back in rotaion Screenshots attached No
  9. solar

    elo hell

    I used to play overwatch and I have to say this 1 new heroes are always insanely OP 2 role lock is trash 3 toxic 4 elo system is trash, I get 4 wins in a row and on my 4th win I gain 2 elo instead of 20???? 5 overwatch league is dead when they swapped from twitch to youtube not worth buy in 2020 4/10 game
  10. solar


    no im saying hes a pussy if he uses wax
  11. solar


    fuck wax only pussies use wax you will be made fun of
  12. imagine being an admin

  13. just kidding bitch no thanks fuck you gween you became admin loser