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Stories Behind Your Names

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So there are threads where you can post photo's of your cars, pets and guns even but there has yet to be a thread about stories behind your Names.


            So this thread is for anyone that wants to share any interesting stories behind your names, for myself, when I first started playing on SG I had no intention of staying and just wanted to play once in a while so I didn't really care what my name was and changed it often.


           Then as I got more comfortable here with the people and started playing here more and more, @AssortedCheesePlatter had the idea for the name "Mace Hindu", which I then made a Profile picture of "Mace Windu" with a red dot on his forehead, was (a little) racist so I ended up swapping out for a different photo but the name ended up sticking and it eventually turned into "Mace" (dropping the Hindu).


           Maybe you chose your name at random or like myself, someone else had the idea but I'm sure most names have some meaning or at least a story behind them.

          So if you got a story behind how you acquired your name then feel free to drop it below:dab:

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When I was like 12 I used the name internetsslave and played a lot of TF2 jb. Then I dropped it to slave which is probably more racist but sounds less cringey tbh, just thought it was funny how its the opposite of your story.

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