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  1. couldn't make the meeting, is there a reason the radar is 150 credits? I feel like at lower credits it was helpful to speed up long 1v1 rounds on big maps
  2. Sup Noxstar!

  3. Case

    Sup Nox!

  4. cool, might check it out if im free
  6. another god damn banger lets go pog champion
  7. so cool creten, can't wait and by the alpha energy you give off, definitely the most popular kid
  8. I think this is a lot of coding needed for something that can be fixed in other ways. No doubt that item suggestions are important, but the root caused you mentioned was to prevent T-Room camping was already addressed by only letting 4 bullet mags in AWPs. Also, the missile was possible because it was already coded and created by the original plugin creator. There are ways to suggest for more items to be added, I can PM you a way to see the items the plugin the server uses if you want.
  9. slave


    go zero dark thirty compile the evidence make the post watch as they crumble
  10. When I was like 12 I used the name internetsslave and played a lot of TF2 jb. Then I dropped it to slave which is probably more racist but sounds less cringey tbh, just thought it was funny how its the opposite of your story.
  11. good decision a good mic and any pair of headphones is way more worth. I only have a wireless headset because i like having both on the go but if you're stationary get on a mic/ headphone setup. get a new pc urp got dam
  12. I didn't expect this much debate over the plugin. I'm just looking for fun small plugins that won't affect the core of the game mode too much. Encourage everyone who enkjoys TTT to do so as the main reason I only leave TTT isnt due to rulebreakers or the player base, but because I'm bored :^)
  13. i can't make september 4th, hope everyone has fun!
  14. typical toe-sucking bottom feeder of SG