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  1. slave

    TTT Nuke Event

    he's doing it again KEKWait @Hypno
  2. couldn't make the meeting, is there a reason the radar is 150 credits? I feel like at lower credits it was helpful to speed up long 1v1 rounds on big maps
  3. cool, might check it out if im free
  4. another god damn banger lets go pog champion
  5. so cool creten, can't wait and by the alpha energy you give off, definitely the most popular kid
  6. i can't make september 4th, hope everyone has fun!
  7. typical toe-sucking bottom feeder of SG

  8. You bring some really good points to the table, the only scenario where I ID bodies now is when I'm being watched otherwise fuck the half sinking bodies. ID-ing bodies on your traitor round is now extremely advantageous and the only reason to NOT id a body is when its a 1v1. But given these points, you often will find a traitor prowling next to a bunch of un-id'd bodies in a secluded room and I would hate to not be able to kill someone based of this. I also believe ID-ing bodies is a good way new players can learn the game and get involved in the deduction of who's a T when seasoned players can tell by the way a person is playing. I think making it optional to ID bodies would go against the core of the game mode but maybe its just me. I see TTT as a deduction-based game where ID-ing bodies is one of those clues so overall I'm not in favor of this change.
  9. hey uh *rubs neck* do y-you think you can, like uh, teach me how to get more views. I mean! totally don't have to! b-but i saw u get so p-populaw so quickyyly i figuwed i'd aswk

  10. ☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️


  11. are u lost bb gorl