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TTT Back to School Event!

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TTT Back to School Event!

With School starting back up soon or it already starting for some people, the TTT team wanted to do something special this year. With the summer ending we wanted to end it with a week of TTT events! Everyday next week there will be a different TTT event, most of these are events that the server likes, but we also have a brand new event we'll be playing Thursday. Threads for each of the events will be posted in a day in advance, the first event will be posted this Saturday and will take place on Sunday.



Sunday, September 6th - Call of TTT
Monday, September 7th - Trouble in Minecraft Town
Tuesday, September 8th - Trouble in Outer Space
Wednesday, September 9th - Banana Joe Event
Thursday, September 10th - TTT Outcast Event
Friday, September 11th - TTT Juggernaut
Saturday, September 12th - TTT ScoutzKnivez



September 6th - 12th @ 5:00 PM EST



Thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the banner!

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