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  1. Some of you may have noticed a new channel has been added in the -- [Casual] -- section of the discord called #ai-art (Link to Channel). In this channel you are able to use the the MidJourney Bot to generate images based on prompts that you provide (See the pinned message in the channel for details on how to do this) I have been having a lot of fun with this bot and others have been experimenting with the Dall-E counter part which is waitlist based and then @thuxys suggested hosting an art contest so here we are. Details and Rules Submissions will be accepted for Three Weeks starting Right Now until August 26th. All submissions will go through this form: Dyno Form You are only allowed ONE submission for the entirety of the contest, so choose wisely. I will personally vet inappropriate or non AI-generated art and reach out if your submission will not be accepted. MidJourney allows 25 free image generations before asking you to subscribe. If you have already used these free generations reach out to me and I will personally help you generate up to 15 Images. (This will only be available the first 2 weeks of the competition) Following the 3 week submission period, a 3 day voting event will occur on the discord in a new channel, with all submissions on display. The submissions will be anonymized to prevent as much bias as possible. If any ties occur by the end of the 3 days for the top 3 positions, a run-off vote will occur. Winners 1st: 1 Month of Discord Nitro 2nd: 1 Month of Nitro Classic 3rd: 1 Month of Nitro Classic I know we are trying out a lot of new things here so please let me know if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns!
  2. Introducing the Discord Team The Discord Team will be taking over the responsibility of moderation on our discord. Responsibilities include: Applying and tracking warnings Issuing Bans, Mutes, and Timeouts. Removing content violating Discord Rules Handling Discord Player Complaints Working with the IA team to handle unique discord issues from players Developing a robust discord protocol for moderation Occasionally providing input on the set up of the discord Q: Who can join the Discord Team? A: Anyone and Everyone Q: Who is managing the Discord Team? A: The current manager is @TheZZLwith additional oversight from IAM: @Infinityward Q: When can I apply? A: RIGHT NOW APPLY HERE
  3. Part one too many Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the thread you have all been waiting for... and constantly asking me about We will once again be adding Santa Hats to profile pictures and, new to this year, Gifs! I am much busier than I have been in the past years so the Design Team has offered up their help in completing this job as quickly as possible for everyone. However, if someone other than me did your santa hatting and you are not a huge fan you are more than welcome to PM me and I will handle it personally. All you need to do is provide a link to your profile picture or say you would like your current forum picture to be santa hatted and we will reply to you with your newly santa hatted profile picture as soon as its ready. Valk will be handling any gif requests so please be patient as they will take longer to complete. You all know the standard santa hat that I have been sporting all year but I will but it is displayed below for your reference; Happy Holidays!
  4. Introduction The management team has been looking to move away from the strike system for quite some time. This system suffers in a few ways. Firstly, it is rather restrictive in how punishment is handed out. Because the only two options are warn and strike, there is little flexibility from situation to situation. Secondly, because of this, the system lacks consistency. It is difficult to say what situations warrant a warning, a strike, or even an early demotion without ever reaching three strikes. And thirdly, it lacks transparency because of this lack of consistency. Management is unable to clearly state what situations will warrant what punishment as the situations are always different. For these reasons, management has been working hard to develop a system that gives us the flexibility to adapt to every situation while staying consistent and being transparent about what kind of punishment a staff member can expect for different situations. Summary To achieve this, we have developed a point based system, dubbed the Infraction System, in which every "infraction" an admin commits in a situation will incur a point value on their record. Each infraction has been given a point range which is on average a range of 4 point values; more severe situations where the infraction occurs will receive a higher point value and less severe, a lower point value. The list of infractions and their ranges are shared below. Furthermore, repeating an infraction in a second, or third situation, will incur a point addition that is predetermined and applied after the decision within the point range for the infraction. Warnings have also been done away with. Because of the point ranges allowing for us to punish according to severity, warnings aren't needed. When an admin commits an infraction a point value will be put on their record following a discussion with the admin. However, if an admin handles a mistake with maturity and ownership, or it is a genuine mistake, they will avoid receiving and infraction. The point ranges and demotion threshold also support moving away from warnings as the ranges are lower than you would expect from a direct conversion of the strike system. Finally, there is a point threshold which when reached, the staff member in question will be up for demotion. At this point a discussion will occur between the staff member and management where all infractions will be discussed, the time frame in which they occurred, and their severity, and it will be decided if that staff member should be demoted. Details on the values and the overall process are below. Infractions Below is the current list of all infractions and their point ranges. [12/11/2021] Infraction List Point Range Point Range [SM] False Slaying 1-4 3-7 Not Tagging Up 1-3 - Banning an entire server (intentional) 4-8 (Demote) 6-10 (Demote) Displaying behavior unbecoming of staff 1-4 3-7 Banning yourself 1-4 3-7 Not following Ban Protocol 3-7 5-9 False Banning 2-5 4-7 Kicking for an incorrect reason 2-5 4-7 Breaking server rules 2-10 4-12 Failure to deescalate a situation 1-4 3-7 Ignoring Rulebreaking 1-4 3-7 Misuse of admin powers 2-5 4-7 Ignoring warnings from higher ups 1-4 3-7 Falsely labeling ban reasons 1-4 3-7 Posting in a ban appeal they are not apart of 3-7 5-9 Punishing a fellow Admin 1-4 3-7 Encouraging players to break the rules 2-5 4-7 Disrespecting a fellow admin 1-4 3-7 Breaking the racism rule 1-4 3-7 Disrespecting Players 1-4 3-7 Impersonation of other admins 3-7 5-9 Lack of responsibility for own account 5-10 7-12 Going against a server Vote 2-6 4-8 Ban for longer than 3 days 2-6 4-8 Leaking 2-10 5-15 Inappropriate ban reason(s) 1-4 3-7 Targeting Players 1-4 3-7 2nd repeated infraction +3 - 3rd repeated infraction +7 - 1 Past Strike 5 - 2 Past Strikes 10 - Accepting bribe Demote Demote Giving out personal information Demote Demote Right off the bat there are several things to note; It would be very difficult to fully explain every infraction but most are taken from situations in the past. Any questions should be brought to any IA+ member and they can elaborate if need be. Point ranges for SMs are, on average, 2 points higher. SMs are leaders in the community, having moved up through the ranks and eventually running some of our servers. As such we expect more from them and making mistakes is punished more severely. If an infraction is repeated an addition of 3 points is added to the staff members record. If the same infraction is repeated a 3rd time, an addition of 7 points is made. These values are separate from the infraction range decision and repeated infractions DO NOT influence the range decision. The range is decided purely on a per situation basis. Some infractions may appear like duplicates but this is purely to allow us to be flexible and specific in different situations. If two similar infractions apply to a situation, the more descriptive will be used. There will not be any double dipping of similar infractions. However, if two separate infractions apply to the same situation, then both infractions will be applied accordingly. ie: Encouraging players to break the rules and False banning in the same situation/report. Lastly, past strikes have been converted to the point system at a point value of 5 per strike. While this value may seem high in relation to many of the point ranges present, it was decided based on the doing away with warnings as well as the demotion threshold discussed earlier. A disclaimer; We reserve the right to go above these predefined point ranges if the situation calls for it. We will always try and work within the ranges however it is impossible to account for everything and significantly severe situations call for a more severe punishment than was ever expected. Additionally, this list is not exhaustive, new situations may arise that call for a new addition to the list and we will act accordingly, updating the list as we go. The Process When management is informed of a staff member committing an infraction, whether its from a complaint or a private report, information will be collected and a conversation with the staff member in question will occur. This is no different from how the strike system is handled. It is then that the exact infraction(s) and point value will be decided. The staff member will then receive a message with the infraction(s), point value, and total points received so far. A conversation will occur with every situation and infractions are not handed out on an automatic basis. The point value in which a staff member is at risk for demotion is 15 points. If a staff member reaches, or passes, this point another conversation will occur with the staff member. All the infractions the staff member incurred as well as the timeframe in which they happen will all be considered. If it is decided that they are unfit to be a staff member they will be demoted. Alternatively, the staff member may be allowed to continue on a last chance basis. If a staff member reaches or surpasses 20 total points they will be demoted. Outro This system was designed to be flexible in any situation while maintaining a level of transparency with the community. Regular discussion with our staff is important so that they can understand what went wrong. This system also allows us to keep track of risk factors in our staff and is more punishing against bad staff and less so against generally good staff. Months of discussion went into ironing this system out to make sure we are doing what is best for the community going forward. We will try and answer any and all questions anyone has about the system as it can be a lot to digest. Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this as it is important everyone fully understands how this system functions going forward. Infraction Appeals We are currently working on a system to allow staff members the opportunity to appeal their infraction and have it removed off the record, more details will be released when we finalize the system. TL;DR Warnings and Strikes are no longer a thing Staff members can avoid getting an infraction by being mature and owning up to a situation Points will be given for any staff that commits an infraction Multiple infractions can be applied for just one situation Exact point values will be decided after a discussion with the staff member Repeated infractions incur a set point increase separate from the decided range SMs are held to a higher standard, however they are no longer demoted on their first infraction Staff members will have the opportunity to appeal their infraction, more details soon. Demotion evaluation will occur at or above 15 points Demotion is guaranteed at 20 points Past strikes are converted at 5 points each Please read through the whole post to familiarize yourself with this change
  5. What is your in-game name? crazedkangaroo What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_1:0:43145155 What style are you entering in? Scroll Time for submission: 3:12.985 Screenshot of time You can do better @20 scrolls