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The map does have a lot of minigames and could certainly be a good addition, however the minigames are currently only reachable with 1 way corridors. For example reaching soccer would take about 30 seconds if you are running at full speed. I think this will lead to it being almost impossible to reach the minigame before either half the terrorist team has died trying to escape/rebel. So if possible perhaps try to place the minigames closer around the cell block area and have it play out from there as a base. Instead of having soccer as a base of minigame-to-minigame2ndroom-to-minigamehallway-to-soccer.

Not exactly sure how to explain it.


Overall I think it could do well with some tweaks and from the looks of it, you did a good job with all the minigames and the overall feel. Just make sure to finalize it so people don't play a less fixed version and then the map is known as broken. Polishing might not be the most fun but it is usually what helps get your map to be played rather then just sitting around on the server.


Also I think you should go back to your previous texture and make it brighter. These textures you are using would require a lot more brushwork and detailing to look appealing. This is all my opinion so keep that in mind.



Now some other small issues I found:

  • Weapons in armory does not spawn
  • Stairs are not clipped
  • You use the same texture almost everywhere. I recommend switching it up depending on rooms and trying to add detail props or detail brushwork.
  • Door at wipeout is clipping if opened
  • All areas could use some sort of key prop or texture choices to make them more obvious and different from other sections. Such as armory having a different look then main cell area. Not always required but could help with orientation.
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I just clipped all the stairs. I do not want the old textures back. Too bland for me. As for the pk02 textures, i do agree there is a lot of detail required to use them, and i was also was sketched about just painting the whole map that way but i had no feedback about it in the WIP section so hence why it stuck. Weapons spawn now. Forgot to change to enabled on start. Wipeout door is fixed. I will not be moving any minigames because there are vents and secrets i do not want to recreate. I'll try retexturing but honestly if it becomes too tedious, im just gonna leave it be. So if i upload the map with whats fixed right now, in the future i will release a final version with better textures. I dont wanna invest more time into a map that i have no idea will even be played. Next version i can open the main MG area roof and soccer. I switched some textures up in the map, but not too many. 

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