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  1. Awesome can’t wait!
  2. 3ni


    You posted in the wrong sub section. Gonna have to issue a strike
  3. No one ever deserves to go so soon. Sad to hear this. Condolences to his family. RIP
  4. They're 16 CT Spawns. 5 Spawns put safely behind the swat van, 4 inside the factory to the right of ct spawn, 3 in the alley way behind the other roof camping spot and the rest are just pushed back against the caution police barriers.
  5. I did find it quite annoying. I could probably cover the spawns a bit better and remove spawn protection but that’s up to @Maniac @TheZZL
  6. Best announcement 2021 so excited
  7. Awesome! Hop i can make it. Good work ZE Team!
  8. Awesome work bloodblades! Hope i can make it. Great maps
  9. Was by far the best event I have attended! @BloodBlades , ever since I had the idea of bringing this back, you've been nothing but the greatest help! i appreciate you! @TheZZL, @Maniac and @Reid99, you guys are awesome! Thanks for making the dream come true lads!
  10. That was awesome! Thanks everyone for attending!
  11. That is correct. Winners will be on a special "Wall Of Champions" banner