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  1. hold up ill go outside rn and edit the original
  2. Carved with a butter knife, had to show the 6 year old you dont need a damn shank to carve [ATTACH=CONFIG]20449[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]20450[/ATTACH]
  3. 3ni

    Added TTT_Princess maps

    She's known for it. Had her demoted from a mapping position from another community for something unrelated. Decompiles old ass maps, ports to go and doesn't even credit.
  4. 3ni

    rip xxxtentacion

    RIP all the guys mannnn
  5. Jazz

    lol damn he is back wharrap

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    I love you

  7. Jazz

    fucken let me down man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyocOdL2tkQ watch from 14:00 how i feel

  8. Assuming the console error is info_player_start which is just to spawn players in the direction the entity is facing. Don't really need it for TTT's sake. The regular info_player_terrorist/counterterrorist are default facing 0,0,0. Map wouldn't compile if the entity is leaked so thats why I'm assuming the console error is that. Nothing needed. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. So like I said in the above post, the map textures have changed and a few other things as well. I really want people to be able to enjoy themselves on something a bit easier on your pc. I tested the fps change with bots and there was a drastic change in fps (from 130fps to 240fps). I changed the style as in the setting (idk what to call it) to almost what hammer would look like. I didn't want to completely make it look the same since it would literally be a cluster fuck depending on the levels. You can see most triggers and entitys (logic_auto, water_lod_control etc are made into sprites and the rest brushes and soon to be props). Water has its own type of "hammer view" even though it isn't what it looks like in hammer seeing as hammer displays a different image but ya'll get the point. The images above are what is already completed in the texture change, lighting change and a bunch of other really fun stuff (kek). Both images were screenshots from spawn. 1st screenshot is spawn's overview and the second is something random I wanted to put on the wall to fill it up
  10. Due to the file size being extremely high, I'm going to be changing the textures and some of the layout of the map as well as reducing the amount of custom shit :^)
  11. Then yeah I wouldn't have an issue buying them. I normally get pairs for $80-$100 at outlets but if its worth the price, then I'd get them. I know from joe's they normally are slimmer jeans which I'm not into. If they have anything around my liking (34-32 relaxed fit) I'd stop by and buy a pair or 2. On the cheaper side but still always great is lucky brand. Really comfortable and durable. I have about 4 pairs of them. Diesels are also good but relatively more expensive.