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  1. Long time coming. Congrats bro
  2. Yes you are allowed to bunny hop using scroll wheel.
  3. 3ni

    command suggestion

    That’s what playerclips are. Do !showtriggers. They’re basically what stops you from touching certain parts of a map. Enabling would allow you to see what areas could be potential skips. The only other thing that could block you is the skybox and I don’t think anyone has made a plug-in to see those boundaries.
  4. 3ni

    Style suggestion

    What’s the difference between that and the quake mode that is already an option?
  5. Awesome can’t wait!
  6. 3ni


    You posted in the wrong sub section. Gonna have to issue a strike
  7. No one ever deserves to go so soon. Sad to hear this. Condolences to his family. RIP
  8. They're 16 CT Spawns. 5 Spawns put safely behind the swat van, 4 inside the factory to the right of ct spawn, 3 in the alley way behind the other roof camping spot and the rest are just pushed back against the caution police barriers.
  9. I did find it quite annoying. I could probably cover the spawns a bit better and remove spawn protection but that’s up to @Maniac @TheZZL
  10. Best announcement 2021 so excited
  11. Awesome! Hop i can make it. Good work ZE Team!