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  1. Yoddr

    Thanks for the sub mate <3

  2. 3ni

    Added jb_alex_sg_v3 request

    All set https://mega.nz/file/dXgB2Spa#bp1aCPU1hDnJYif5rN-siR2oyiJWa9ZnQWZ8JCJhbmw
  3. 3ni

    Added jb_alex_sg_v3 request

    I just clipped all the stairs. I do not want the old textures back. Too bland for me. As for the pk02 textures, i do agree there is a lot of detail required to use them, and i was also was sketched about just painting the whole map that way but i had no feedback about it in the WIP section so hence why it stuck. Weapons spawn now. Forgot to change to enabled on start. Wipeout door is fixed. I will not be moving any minigames because there are vents and secrets i do not want to recreate. I'll try retexturing but honestly if it becomes too tedious, im just gonna leave it be. So if i upload the map with whats fixed right now, in the future i will release a final version with better textures. I dont wanna invest more time into a map that i have no idea will even be played. Next version i can open the main MG area roof and soccer. I switched some textures up in the map, but not too many.
  4. Full map name: jb_alex_sg_v3 What server is this suggestion for? jail break Link to map download: https://mega.nz/file/sCpymaLD#xkZuWbKCf3NjdYDt0j228TUt4vzWLJFYQINPqpxIy6U Additional information: https://steam-gamers.net/forums/topic/93992-jb_alex_sg/ Screenshots attached:
  5. 3ni


    Well I know medic has a skybox and in cell block as well and i added some particle affects to represent dust glistening within the air. I never really enjoyed making outer areas because i felt I didn't have enough skill to make it look good lol punkys minigames map set outside beauty at a high standard for me and i cant\will not attempt in putting it in this map until i master the amount of detail outside needs. Still rough with displacements and foliage as well as lighting when it comes to outside. Unless someone skilled wants to maybe open soccer up with possibly a custom skybox, i'm just gonna leave it the way it is. Already have 80 hours into this map which is rather excessive i feel. Kinda over looking at it lol Plus, the map looks like shit outside lol. Hence why it more of a secure prison in a sense. I also deleted mine field because i didn't like how it was a dead end hallway for a pretty shit minigame
  6. 3ni


    i personally didnt think it was big enough lol
  7. 3ni


    Added thanks upload tonight
  8. 3ni


    Decided to change the textures. Map is done. Needs testing with a few players if any available and recompile with SG Banners if possible? Wasn't sure how to put all these images in a spoiler so have fun scrolling
  9. 3ni

    Post Your Car!

    Both of my dailys
  10. 3ni


    Well this is something i was working on before i left. Ive run out of ideas for it seeing as i dont play too much jailbreak. Going to be releasing it tomorrow once i have the approval of adding SG banners. I have no problem with an experienced mapper going through it that has a better idea for jailbreak minigames but there is a fair amount already. down for colabs too