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  1. Player's name: Foot Licker :P Map: bhop_3_easy_csgo Style: Normal and SlowMo Any Additional Information: This is Anthrax's alt. Hes using W ONLY Autostrafer
  2. That ego of yours will be terminated once the boys hop on
  3. This is a interesting change! I’m excited to see how all this plays out. Admin rank definitely makes more sense now. IMO I think there shouldn’t be a 3 month restriction. I feel that if the admin rules continue to be strictly enforced, you shouldn’t have to worry about people abusing powers. I believe being senior admin almost gives them a idea that it’s okay to mess around with newly acquired commands inappropriately. Maybe dedicate some time into admin training? Anyway, keep up the great work lads!
  4. Honestly doesn’t sound that bad at all. Personally I always liked how it used to be private with SA+. Either way I think it’s a good step into the future of SG. I know I have not put too much effort into my replies to admin apps so my fault. Shit like this happens when we don’t follow protocol. Got my support
  5. All done. https://www.mediafire.com/file/i70xryxd74kq0d5/cs_crackhouse_sg.rar/file
  6. Corner boost fixed. Ladder fixed. CT spawn doesn't need a wall. Spawn protection will take care of it and same as t spawn. It would look really out of place. You can get away with a random wall in the middle of a road in source but not csgo lol and t spawn has enough exits to worry about staircase. Stair case will always be a p90 rush cluster fuck
  7. Completely willing to help anyway possible :^)
  8. So the map before was kinda old looking so I went and retextured it and made it nighttime which would make more sense. And some moving traffic in the back ground. Gonna add some more light to the roofs but thats basically it ORIGINAL CSGO PORT: MY VERSION:
  9. Needs 24 slots and 128 tick rate. I've tried replicating it as much as i could like source in go as far as plugins/cvars
  10. Yeah zriot is a far fetched idea