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Gun Game Extravaganza!!! 10/31/08

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This weeks Gun Game Extravaganza (GGE) will be on friday, Halloween, 10/31. This is our last testing day before launching our competitions (will explain later). We want to make sure this would work well on a friday before continuing. Again we will have 2 sessions.


Europe Early Session: 2000 GMT/ 3:00 PM EST

USA Late Session: 8:00 PM EST/ 0100 GMT


This weeks three maps are:


Two new ones that will not be uploaded before the first session.

  1. gg_baem (new)
  2. gg_pink_panther_3 (new)
  3. gg_absinthe_box


Again scoring will be done. 1 point for every frag accumulated, 5 points for winning the round, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3-5. For your score to count you must play to end of map when the scoreboard comes up.


I will run the early session and daZe will run the late session this week.


Starting next week, we will hold our first counting competition. It will be a grueling 4 week competition. Whom ever accumulates the most points will win a prize, TBD later. It is to your advantage to participate in all 4 nights. Each night only ONE session will count towards your score. So please make room on friday nights for Gun Game Extravaganza!!! Trust me you will enjoy it!


If there are any questons about this week or next weeks stuff don't hesitate to ask.

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Awesome! If nothing important comes up I'm 100% there this week!!!


EDIT:FFS........forget what I said, I won't be home that time.

GL with the event tho :)

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Damn kids and their trick-or-treating!


I would just turn out the lights.. but I have to take my own kids around. I'll try to join in when I can.. but most likely will be there after the event.. Try to keep it populated for me :001_tongue:

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Final Scores from The Extravaganza!!!


Top 10:


daZe - 79

Bullet Wound - 72

Luxz0rs - 66

Edo - 65

Paul - 56

Widow - 54

Falcon - 49

dNa Noob - 49

Jonix - 48

Mr. Mick - 48


Congrats Daze and stay tuned for the long awaited debut of the Competition for prizes!

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