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ttt_aerospace_cs request (Add)

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    Cool map and I think people would enjoy it. Needs arming, but can definitely be a hit for the server. If someone is going to decompile it, I would suggest removing the clip at the back of the plane, and letting people jump out the back and suicide as it can make some fun for us all.
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Umm this map is huge, but not in the layout way. The map size is 204 MB, which means a lot would have to be removed from the map to make it fit on the fastDL. On top of that, you also have to add guns which would add to the size of the map (though there is a way to get around this by using a stripper to add guns to map.


As for the clipping in the back, you could remove it, but the skybox is right there. In the photo here I am standing on the skybox. It about the height of the box boost on Mirage B site. You could add a trigger there, but it won't slay people that go out there before the round. I had the same issue back in the day on codewise.




Though it looks like at cool map for TTT.

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