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  1. Don't you dare touch my mountains
  2. Jmc

    Infinity Stone Ultron > Roguelike-esque Dr. Strange anyday.

  3. First Congrats to both of you!
  4. Great event man, Can't wait to see what else comes from events like this in the future. Also you used to wrong banner.
  5. I’d like to see you make a map then.
  6. What if we just started having them spawn on maps?
  7. Where is clamor and what have you done with him?!😫


    bring him back pls!!

  8. You need to tell your dirty sock to shut up.
  9. Pretty sure the term retard is not a medical term. It’s used to describe someone with mental disabilities. Though now a days it’s seen as an offensive word towards individuals with a mental disability, most commonly those with Down syndrome. I know I personally don’t use either word, as a bunch of my family members are gay and/or worked as DSP’s helping those with mental disabilities.