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  1. Valk

    Bhop Changelog

    7/3/22 - Fixed a booster issue on bhop_kore. Thanks @BoTo - Added all new models to the server. Check them out here - Just for the Easy Bhop server right, but in the coming days they will be on the Hard Bhop server
  2. Valk

    Bhop Custom Models

    Bhop Custom Models Regular For anyone to use Aiden Pearce From the Watch Dogs franchise Basic Supporter Only $4.99 a month, learn more about other benefits here Johnny Silverhand From "critically" acclaimed, Cyberpunk 2077 Wraith Quarantine 722 From the best battle royale, Apex Legends Premium Supporter Only $9.99 a month, learn more about other benefits here Dr Disrespect Mr Two Time, know for being banned off Twitch Mercy From the most controversial video company Blizzard and their game Overwatch Elite Supporter Only $14.99 a month, learn more about other benefits here There are currently no Elite Supporter models on the server, but that could change in the future. Paid Models Purchase these models with in-game credits that you earn while you play any of the servers Emma From the best Counter-Strike game: Counter-Strike Online 2 Leet From the second best Counter-Strike game: Counter-Strike Online 2 Admin Must be an admin on our servers Sabine Wren From the underappreciated show Star Wars Rebels and soon to be Ahsoka show Master Chief From Xbox Studios and 434 Industries' Halo If you would like see a different model added to the server at some point in the future, please let the managers of the server know and they will take them into consideration.
  3. Valk

    Hard Bhop Map Rotation

    Hard Bhop Map Rotation Below is the current map rotation for the Hard Bhop server, current as the date shown below. *Map Downloads will become available at point in the future* Last updated: 6/29/2022 Tier 3 bhop_4colors bhop_abriller bhop_abstractic bhop_araki bhop_astara_csgo bhop_bdev_v1 bhop_beollao bhop_bitches_fix_csgo_rg2 bhop_bliss bhop_bluerace bhop_catkin bhop_colorshit_v2 bhop_conquest bhop_cuteboys_csgo bhop_elpartido_csgo bhop_feelerz2 bhop_forget bhop_fresh_csgo bhop_fur_fix_csgo bhop_godlike2_rg1 bhop_gunoi_csgo bhop_haunt bhop_hollow bhop_ihanvitunpaskamappi bhop_japan bhop_kanto bhop_laf bhop_larena_nodoors_csgo bhop_lego1 bhop_legoflix1_csgo bhop_legoverse bhop_mbs bhop_meiiko_csgo bhop_paradigm bhop_playboy_csgo bhop_puffs bhop_pyle bhop_quiet2 bhop_rgbglow_fix_csgo bhop_sanctuary bhop_soft_csgo bhop_sonic_lagoon_csgo bhop_speedbub2_final bhop_tanker3 bhop_translucidity_v2 bhop_treehouse2 bhop_treehouse3 bhop_vagabond bhop_verbena bhop_vinter Tier 4 bhop_24 bhop_5rooms bhop_apocalypse bhop_aportal bhop_arcane_csgo bhop_arcturus bhop_badges_mini_csgo bhop_blend_csgo bhop_blendie bhop_brax_csgo bhop_byrem bhop_cc2_csgo bhop_continuity bhop_conquest2 bhop_cutekittenz_csgo_ bhop_drip bhop_freakin_csgo_fix bhop_hammerishard bhop_hexagon_ bhop_highfly_csgo bhop_ihate_devmaps_csgo bhop_kairos bhop_lego_world bhop_littlequeen bhop_m4dara_training bhop_nakolesike bhop_newga_fix bhop_oldschool bhop_p10 bhop_pillars_csgo_ bhop_ponpon bhop_rotebal bhop_rotebal2_go bhop_satellites bhop_screelee_csgo_fix_ bhop_shitper bhop_sj bhop_spiteful bhop_thc_gold_rg1 bhop_xenon bhop_XYZ_v2 Tier 5 bhop_2flocci2furious_csgo bhop_alprazolam bhop_alvo2 bhop_aux_a9 bhop_badges bhop_communityjump_csgo bhop_exodus_fix bhop_fps_max_csgo_fix bhop_friendsjump_csgo bhop_interloper bhop_lost_world bhop_mentality bhop_null bhop_quesin bhop_warmzsteon Tier 6 bhop_ragequit_spike bhop_ragequit_csgo
  4. Valk

    Easy Bhop Map Rotation

    Easy Bhop Map Rotation Below is the current map rotation for the Easy Bhop server, current as the date shown below. *Map Downloads will become available at point in the future* Last updated: 6/29/2022 Tier 1 bhop_1derland bhop_1n5an3_csgo bhop_2hrs bhop_3_easy_csgo bhop_55jumps bhop_611ssj bhop_98sync bhop_abandoned_sr bhop_alley_csgo bhop_alt_jestas bhop_alt_paskin bhop_alt_saimaa bhop_alt_terassi bhop_alt_univaje bhop_ambience bhop_anyyy bhop_at_night_csgo_fix bhop_atom bhop_atrium_ bhop_aztec_csgo bhop_belkapeace bhop_bless bhop_boredom bhop_chaser bhop_cobblestone_rg1 bhop_coma_x_csgo bhop_comingwinter bhop_concrete_pickle bhop_csgo_neon_ bhop_cuteconcretes bhop_darkink bhop_darkness_csgo bhop_despair bhop_dezert bhop_dipl bhop_dom bhop_dumbshit bhop_eazy_v3_b5_ bhop_egypt bhop_ekfir_eliksir_v2 bhop_emevaelx_2_csgo bhop_fast_hop_v1 bhop_forest bhop_furax_v2 bhop_geometrymadness bhop_gottagofast bhop_grassland_speedrun bhop_grassyass bhop_grayscale_csgo bhop_grayshit bhop_greenhouse_csgo bhop_greenshit bhop_greentex bhop_hood bhop_hood2 bhop_how2strafe bhop_huar2 bhop_icebase_csgo bhop_icetrap bhop_inline bhop_isomer bhop_jethro_blue bhop_jungle3k_csgo bhop_just_bhop1 bhop_jx_csgo bhop_kore bhop_kotodama2 bhop_kuiva bhop_kyle bhop_kz_ravine_csgo bhop_lane bhop_lego_csgo bhop_lego_park bhop_legomyego_csgo bhop_linear_dust2 bhop_liquor_spat bhop_lm_csgo bhop_lowg bhop_majestic bhop_mdstrafe bhop_miles bhop_militia_csgo bhop_miller bhop_mourning bhop_mp_stairs_hq_csgo_b1 bhop_mukiology bhop_nira bhop_noobhop_csgo bhop_nullified bhop_nup bhop_ocean bhop_one_fall bhop_overline bhop_oxom bhop_paddy_csgo bhop_poggers bhop_pokego bhop_qmpa_csgo bhop_rabbit_csgo bhop_rawrX1 bhop_rg_speed bhop_rigos bhop_rikudo bhop_ruins_of_hopcity bhop_runbhopper_csgo bhop_sakura_project bhop_sandtrap2 bhop_saturn bhop_sdc01 bhop_serv bhop_sky_realm_v4 bhop_skybridges bhop_skylook bhop_skyruins bhop_skyway bhop_sleepless_rg1 bhop_smth bhop_smudge bhop_sonni_v2 bhop_sourcejump bhop_speedrun_artild bhop_speedrun_cyberlose bhop_speedrun_lyned2 bhop_speedrun_lyned3 bhop_speedrun_suka48 bhop_speedrun_suka49 bhop_spokyforest bhop_spookyland bhop_ssj_sg bhop_stages bhop_strafe_strafe bhop_strafinggobrr bhop_stref_amazon bhop_stref_asleep bhop_stref_cairo bhop_stref_shanghai bhop_stref_siberia bhop_suicide_pls bhop_switch bhop_timescalehack_v2 bhop_twisty bhop_upupup bhop_wasd bhop_wdnmd_yes bhop_whoevenbhops_final_csgo bhop_winter_csgo_ bhop_witchsprings bhop_wood_notsowoodremake_csgo bhop_xulazu bhop_zittern2_remake bhop_yulo bhop_zyper Tier 2 bhop_3d_improved_sgedit bhop_4U bhop_accelerate bhop_adrino_fix bhop_adventure_csgo bhop_ajump bhop_ala_laupapa bhop_alien_ruins bhop_all_the_way bhop_alwaystranslucent_ bhop_anini bhop_another20secstrafemap bhop_apathy bhop_aphrodite bhop_aqua bhop_arid bhop_asiimov bhop_asko bhop_autism_ bhop_awake bhop_awbricks bhop_backstreet bhop_badmapever bhop_bedtime bhop_beginner_castle bhop_behomeby10 bhop_bjump bhop_blackrockshooter_csgo_b1 bhop_blocker bhop_blois_fix bhop_bloodflow bhop_blue_shade bhop_blueshit_csgo_ bhop_bofa bhop_breath bhop_brodinski bhop_castle_ bhop_cheating_irl bhop_chen_sr bhop_chervona bhop_chillim bhop_christmas_ bhop_cliche_v24 bhop_cloudburst_ bhop_cover bhop_crystal_rg1 bhop_cyber_csgo bhop_cyon bhop_dangobango_v2 bhop_danmark_csgo bhop_deadend bhop_definitely bhop_dezza bhop_doodle bhop_edge_re bhop_einbaa_v2 bhop_elate bhop_emevaelx3 bhop_eternity bhop_ez_ff bhop_faceless_speedrun_final bhop_fatol bhop_feelerz2 bhop_fluff_give_me_mapname bhop_fogos bhop_foliage_fix bhop_fronk bhop_gismo_csgo bhop_glassy bhop_gloom bhop_glxy bhop_greenglow_csgo bhop_gridust_final_csgo bhop_grizde bhop_helvete bhop_horoshechnenko bhop_huni bhop_i_hate_myself_for_making_this bhop_icosa bhop_ideal_csgo bhop_immense_csgo bhop_interest_fix bhop_internetclub bhop_intimate bhop_isanmaa_fixed bhop_jaitriste bhop_k2 bhop_k3 bhop_kent bhop_kerpele bhop_khufu bhop_kiitovittu bhop_kitsune bhop_klassno bhop_kotodama bhop_kuukkeli bhop_l_speedrun bhop_lessthandirt bhop_linear_concrete2 bhop_linear_concrete bhop_linear_dust bhop_linear_forest bhop_look bhop_lucky_ bhop_lunti bhop_lupadamadami bhop_malabar7 bhop_medium_v1sg bhop_medusozoa bhop_microwave bhop_monotonous bhop_monument_valley bhop_movetothetrees bhop_myp bhop_natthimmel bhop_nervosity2 bhop_newdun bhop_nila bhop_nimie bhop_niver bhop_nona bhop_not_a_defrag_map bhop_nox bhop_nux bhop_nyrobs bhop_oath bhop_oneday bhop_passionless_v1 bhop_pikkulauantai bhop_primal bhop_purea bhop_qtp4_final bhop_quiet_ bhop_qwerty bhop_rawrx2 bhop_rebound_csgo bhop_rinnegan bhop_ripdream bhop_rising_csgo bhop_riverland bhop_rose_csgo bhop_sandtrap1 bhop_sandtrap2 bhop_serenity bhop_shades_csgo bhop_shrubhop_csgo bhop_simple bhop_sketchy_v4_csgo bhop_smallmap bhop_snowychristmas bhop_somber_fix bhop_space1 bhop_speedrun_fluid bhop_speedrun_lyned bhop_speedrun_lyned2 bhop_speedrun_suka47 bhop_speedrun_suka50 bhop_speedrun_vasya34ru bhop_spell_ bhop_stoitnamalchika bhop_strafe_matans_csgo bhop_stref_wat bhop_strvfe02 bhop_sugarspeed bhop_summerland bhop_supermario_csgo bhop_surf_qvo_v2 bhop_tehoputki bhop_tentacion bhop_tropic_v2_csgo_fix bhop_tumi bhop_twisted_test_chambers_v1 bhop_velstand bhop_verness bhop_verse_v1 bhop_vulcan_ bhop_whitepillar bhop_x_ bhop_xana bhop_zentic bhop_zygos Tier 3 bhop_50_shades_of_tissue bhop_addict_v2_csgo bhop_aladdin_fix bhop_andromeda_csgo bhop_arfsa bhop_bathhouse bhop_bloc bhop_bloclean bhop_bubblegum bhop_ceekay bhop_crash_egypt bhop_cyanglow_csgo bhop_dispute_csgo bhop_distraction bhop_empire_csgo bhop_epiphany_csgo bhop_exiled bhop_extasis bhop_flavum bhop_foreverpcpie_csgo bhop_forstrafe bhop_frankerz_csgo bhop_green_shade bhop_hades bhop_hi_im_sozu_first_fixx bhop_hima bhop_indaun bhop_indev2 bhop_jago bhop_jumalauta bhop_knox_csgo bhop_kvo bhop_ladder bhop_leios bhop_lermi bhop_malabar5 bhop_mbs bhop_meiiko_csgo bhop_meme1 bhop_mirrorsedge_csgo bhop_monster_jam_csgo bhop_monument_valley_2 bhop_monument_valley_3 bhop_needyou bhop_nubia_fix bhop_ohboy bhop_omnitopia bhop_pandora bhop_pepel_fix_full bhop_pharaoh bhop_pinkglow_csgo bhop_puf_csgo bhop_rainbowroad bhop_redglow_csgo bhop_reverie bhop_ruins bhop_sacred bhop_sauvakavely bhop_scape bhop_smally bhop_spongebob_csgo bhop_spring_chill bhop_strvfe03 bhop_teti bhop_tramadol bhop_waff1e bhop_whiteglow_csgo bhop_wildcard bhop_wire bhop_y
  5. Finally Kaer Morhen is being tested again!
  6. I thought this was the first movie to get released with the shorter 45 day window? I'm seeing online that April 18th is possibly the day it comes to HBO Max.
  7. Someone is feeling a little lonely. I do wonder if it’s necessary to have both 67thway and 69thway, kind of like how noffice and office was.
  8. I maybe in the minority here, but I want the normal awp back. It’s so hard for me to hit shots with just 4 bullets before someone sees me and kills me. Also on the other side of it, I don’t like how I can’t tell we’re someone dies from. Also land mines or anything else I said in the meeting. I forgor
  9. Let me get one final game State of Mind
  10. Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Rapture Rejects pls
  11. Here's your "I ain't fucking doing 140 frames worth" christmas gif