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  1. 11/8/22 Just a small but big change for today Reduced round time to 4 minutes instead of 5 minutes This was done to make round go quicker and to make people don't get as bored as fast
  2. Congrats to my TTT comrades! Now let's get back to work.
  3. 11/4/22 Just some small updates today Reduced the max amount of players to 26 Removed the Halloween skins and maps We decided to reduce the amount of slots on the server to help the ranking of the server and overall feel of the server.
  4. 10/29/22 Role Change Re Added Healer Sub-role After a slight reworked we have re added the healer role back into the sub-role rotation. There are no limits to how many times you can heal someone in a round, but you can only use the healing ability every 45 second. There can only be one healer per round. The max you can heal someone to is 135 health. God bless @BoTo
  5. We had tried to reorganize the whole T shop and put things into categories to make it easier to find items. It's not possible without a major rewrite of the ttt plugin. We will look into trying to move favorite items to the first page. I was already working on a plan on removing items and put others into a seasonal rotation of sorts. I have had a lot of time to flush out a plan on how we are going to do that. There will be a thread posted, hopefully, tonight asking the community about what they want to go and what they want to stay.
  6. We were planning on removing a bunch of T items that aren't use to make it easier to use the T menu. It doesn't mean you won't see those items gone forever though. I have been planning on making a thread about T items to let people vote on what they wanted out, but I haven't gotten around to it as I've been busy as of the last month or so.
  7. 9/4/22 **Role Changes** Roles are now automatic. You may or may not get a role at the start of the round aka it's random. Use !role and !roles to opt out of getting a role. God bless @BoTo **Rule Changes** We have removed the T-baiting rule. While T-baiting is no longer punishable, you can still be killed for it. However, if you are constantly T-baiting it can be considered Harassment (if unwanted) and at that point an admin can step in.
  8. you can only change your name every 90 days or if you buy Elite Supporter you can change it every 30 days.
  9. I hate to break it to you, but this has been a thing on TTT for years and it's never used.
  10. 9/4/22 **Map Changes** Disabled ttt_the_backrooms_v2 due to it being broken Added ttt_cyberpass_v2_3 to rotation Added ttt_mcpoppin_v1, but only for admins as the map is huge and will need at least 16 people one to play Changed ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside_v2_hdr with ttt_mario64_peachcastle_lamp_edit_1 **Model Changes** Removing the following models: Santa, Grinch, Natalie, Jack Frost, Sas Terrorist **Quality of Life Changes** Lowered the sound of the missile by 50% and (hopefully fixed the sound bug) Increased the radius of the missile explosion from 600 to 650 Expect more changes coming in the near future. Some small Quality of Life changes and some big meta shifting changes. Maybe even a karma reset and contest. The TTT AO's want to hear from everyone on what they like and don't about the server. Whether it's maps you don't like or maps you would like to see come back. Maybe you don't like certain shop items or maybe you don't like certain roles. There will be a thread going up either today or tomorrow asking for feedback on different aspects of the server, but don't feel like you have to wait till that thread is out to give feedback. Reach out to @Valk, @Charliere, @Chad, or make a thread. Oh also new models are coming really soon!