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Idea to help with player complaints

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Thinking about some random stuff. What if there was a replay bot on jb and it deleted footage after like 1 week but if a player reported someone for freekill or whatnot the bot saved the footage of that map.

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On top of potential access issues to this, this would most likely take up a lot of storage to store files of demos with sound (for a server like JB and probably TTT too, you need sound for context) and would not be very convenient to do at all. Think of it this way, depending on the quality of the replay, shadow-playing 15 minutes of footage can take up around 1-2GB of storage. Now imagine that for a week straight.


On top of this, I'm not sure if you are suggesting that we would have to dig through the demos to find an incident, but if you are that would also be incredibly inconvenient just to figure out if someone did something usually worthy of a 12 hour - 1 Day ban. This suggestion overall seems like more trouble than its worth. 

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