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  1. @3niThey stay trying to break down the modding team from the inside, thankfully we're not retarded. Congrats on SOTM
  2. its so ok thajt u dont ahve mic we love u so muich so good at game of counter strike and nice amazing player and good player and headshot persent 105% you are so cool

  3. Hey @20 scrollsyou and @Adventistare really good at retakes 

    1. 20 scrolls
    2. Matas.matux1


      Hopes its this year 

      edit - i mean this week

  4. You're kinda a retard

    1. Matas.matux1


      He ment you're a kind retard i think.

  5. Hes a very tall midget 

  6. at least you mark my events as past events. What more could i ask for.

  7. I do not much care for the Steam-Gamers Community Advisor known as "20 scrolls"



    For example,


    @20 scrolls You are a moron

    @20 scrolls You're a great mapper!

    @20 scrolls Back to work, slave

  9. Sweet scrolls > savory scrolls




  10. You're a fucking cutie scrolls </3




  11. i don’t need it i just need you to KISS ME!


    sike no homo.... unless??

    1. 20 scrolls

      20 scrolls

      nah good guys gon hear bout this one

  12. Thank you 20 scrolls! You have been such a great help on these forums! I will make sure to recommend you for admin some day!