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  1. 20 scrolls

    Bhop Changelog

    6/9/22 - Re-enabled auto banning detection by the shavit anti cheat, this should ban any detected strafe hacker for 2 hours on the easy server. Will monitor bans to see any false positives.
  2. Should've probably had said this but this event is basically canceled (lol) as me and wunka haven't been in contact since the end of this event. Unless I get randomly motivated to start making a minecraft map this most likely won't happen. There's also the fact TTT died.
  3. Yeah I know I was lying
  4. If the previous managers tried what you suggested, why do you think the outcome will be different this time? Genuinely curious
  5. HG LOL!

    1. gween



  6. 20 scrolls

    Bhop Changelog

    4/4/22 - Re-enabled live split time difference (the difference between your time and the WR, shows a good estimate on how close you are).
  7. ovo goons stepping up, back off clown
  8. 20 scrolls

    Bhop Changelog

    3/28/22 - Readded bhop_sandtrap2 and bhop_icetrap to the Easy Server as Tier 1 maps.
  9. 20 scrolls

    Bhop Changelog

    3/22/22 - Fixed an exploit with Rocket Jump where you could fire from a high place, switch styles and the rocket would boost you. - Changed minimum time for RJ, Parkour, SegLowJuice, Juice, Quake, and other styles to 0.1. If that still isn't enough on some maps, I will change it to 0.0. Thank you @PotatoAlienOf13 for reporting it and @BoTo for remaking the source code of the plugin. Let me know of any unintended bugs.
  10. 20 scrolls

    Bhop Changelog

    3/20/22 - Airacceleration for 400 velocity style is now 100 instead of 1000 in order to further make it like ACTUAL legit scroll.
  11. Map chooser has been edited to have a priority map pool that reads from a list.