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  1. THERE IS A CATCH If you have owned nitro PREVIOUSLY, you cannot claim the nitro, but you can gift it to someone else
  2. I had 20k minutes on CT back when major was 14k and captain was 7k
  3. Good evening, The Modding Team is currently looking for members who are experienced in map-making, fixing, editing, and/or Modeling. If you are new to hammer or map-making but are still interested, we'd suggest taking a look at the Mapping Resources Mega thread, and for further help, reach out to one of the Modding Team members. Here are the responsibilities of the Modding Team: Work with the Server Managers to find and fix errors and exploits found in maps, models, textures, etc. Creating and developing projects for the servers including maps, models, textures, etc. Complete mapping requests made by Server Managers Porting popular maps and models from other games to CS:GO for use on the servers. Work with the Media Team to develop graphics for completed projects. Work with the Server Managers and Events Team for the production of event based projects. >>>APPLY HERE<<<
  4. This is not an official warning, but you need to stop spamming useless posts, have of the shit you posted recently has been hidden. Just think before you post something.

  5. because this thread is literally about you
  6. is your signature ironic?
  7. I mean you were kos since the start, and you already had been warning shot twice before for the same order
  8. Team JB is the best team, Team MG close second
  9. no name

    1. Nate.


      ayy anyone want anything from the fridge

  10. When the

  11. Just wondering is this still happening?
  12. congrats to nano and hawks