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  1. probably obese


  2. cubemaps, those break when the map is renamed, which it was because sgfinal is not my map version
  3. wdym by rerendered since it wasnt done? Lighting WAS done, sabotages were working (unless you mean they're op) and I thought I had fixed the collision issue. Non collision walls should be fixed with the fix I sent
  4. fuck you mean change how sabotages work? theyre literally from the game
  5. make yodie land blinker history 101 mandatory for all 5th graders and make nelk president of the USA
  6. C++, C#, Javascript, Squirrel are all tied but I really like c++ for its complexity and javascript for being simple
  7. congrats @Acer absolutely deserved after all the work you've done here , actually suprised you don't have more sotms.
  8. does that mean 20 mphs gets his ban removed off his record
  9. bro you had me thinking the actual dude was acting not HIS actor