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  1. Got banned 2 minutes into the event
  2. Stop trying to fucking nerf no mics, this is the most minor shit ever, if you get an LR request look at chat before accepting. At this rate, no mics will be completely banned from JB. Most simplest shit ever man



    1. rygor


      back in the day when Steven Universe was in these streets 

  4. Congrats to @TheZZL for giving me countless maps to fix until it was perfect
  5. Its much more simpler to have the rule state that the winning party HAS to kill the opposing party, then to make up some "buts" and "ifs". Rock paper scissors is the only LR than is an exception, simply because no one can kill each other in that LR.
  6. I like the idea of switching from dust2 to crackhouse because not a lot of "popular" community have a 24/7 crackhouse server. Not only would this bring old CSS players (who switched/play CSGO) in, but it might also attract new players who are tired of 24/7 dust2 servers.
  7. 20 scrolls

    LR = KOS

    An LR is considered complete when the T kills the CT, either party wins rock paper scissors, or when the CT kills the T. If a CT slays during an LR, the LR is NOT complete therefor the T is not kos. If a T cheats LR they are kos, but CTs are not allowed to cheat LR UNLESS dealing with a rebelling T. Rule definition: "LRs are considered to be complete when the winning party kills the losing party or wins Rock Paper Scissors. A Prisoner may request to do another LR after the previous one is completed, but Guards are not required to honor this request and the Prisoner may be killed."
  8. 20 scrolls

    LR = KOS

    Adding on, if the CT slays, the T is NOT kos as they didn't win the LR (LR is complete once either the T or CT kills the opposing opponent)
  9. Not a problem, alot of maps have this feature
  10. 20 scrolls

    Simon Says

    Simon says is a custom deathgame pretty much no matter what, if its not map doing damage then its a custom deathgame
  11. Normal Style 1st Place: @3ni 4:29.923 2nd Place: @Arctic 4:30.732 3rd Place: @phoenix_ 5:21.710 SegHSW Style 1st Place: @dredd 2:59.404 2nd Place: @3ni 4:37.103 3rd Place: Nobody Please contact @Trazz for your credit winnings (You will also be getting the award whenever they come back)
  12. This was a fun event, I'm sure @H360really loved it
  13. fuck these posts im finally done :middle_finger: :middle_finger: :middle_finger: :middle_finger: :middle_finger: :middle_finger:
  14. Can you believe they really got a detroit simulator now??? @rygor boutta target everyones base with a high powered explosive launcher
  15. 20 scrolls

    BHOP Questions

    I can actually answer some. "1) Resetting times & ranks" Trazz is now the new manager of bhop and he wants to get a few things done before he follows through a time wipe like noxstar wanted. "2 Seeing how far you are from the record with the timer" This was a feature in the last branch of the plugin, and we switched/updated to a new more stable one (very.good.yes @Adventist) and don't think that the feature carried over Gonna leave 3 for @Trazz to answer
  16. We are halfway through the month, get those times in
  17. this is a map fix request and not a bug report but do you have a clip of this? or are able to recreate it?