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  1. ik just heard someone say to someone else "report it on forums" so i did just asking.
  2. i feel that people who play ct should have a mic. i know they dont have to but it would be nice. sometimes i get killed because i didnt see the order in chat.
  3. Wawa may I please have my name changed to Sky. Thanks

  4. can someone please add a complaint when you call an admin about mic spamming
  5. I agree with the others here. We don't really have the option to mute a specific player/players who are mic spamming. It would be great if you guys add a command or button to mute others who mic spam.
  6. Karmaa

    Your Favorite Movie

    My favorite movies are some of the Spider-Man movies and the Harry Potter movies.
  7. Some youtuber's that I watch are Domics, Oompaville, Smosh, Fitz, and Swaggersouls.
  8. Another player that I like is Pele.
  9. My favorite cereal is chocolate mini wheat's or coco pebbles.
  10. My favorite type of food is breakfast food and one of my favorite snacks is goldfish.
  11. Karmaa

    Your Favorite Sport

    They are soccer, then golf, and then football.
  12. My favorite guns are awp, ak-47, deagle, and the p90.
  13. Karmaa


    Everybody reading this should go check out steam-gamer's jailbreak server. It is very fun to play. All you have to do is listen to the ct's while they give the t's orders to do stuff. In that time t's can rebel, and stuff like that.