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  1. kool

    hello outbreak

  2. kool

    Haha sorry I forgot about the SG chatbox. I've been busy working haha. I've been looking to get back into SG and shit but I can't really pull myself to do it. Kinda boring you know? Haha

  3. I think they might im not sure lol but u should hop in vent some time

  4. Haha, does every old pb players play ttt now? If so I'll probably hop on once in awhile.

  5. i miss you bro you were ma pb dood btw pb is for new fags now its gay

  6. Just been busy with life man haha. Can't really find it in me to get back into games though for some reason.

  7. wher u been man?

  8. Just working everyday lol, you?

  9. Whats been cracking man?

  10. Happy bday your Koolness ;)

  11. KOOL Happy Birthday Man

  12. u egg

    Happy Birthday (:

  13. yea thats pretty smart actually im in grade 11 and doing pretty good soo far tbh but yea hope to see u on there :p