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  1. Im going to touch you

  2. No one loves you

  3. thank you sir, twas worth the two and a half months of working my ass off for the cash.

  4. Your car's new look is insanely good looking

  5. Im pretty fucking badass if I do say so myself.

  6. well its a flawed way. I mean we have any fucking dip shit who has one post able to vote on them. So really you have dip shits who are giving the say if one is able to admin or not. You have people who have NO clue what it takes or what its like saying if a person is admin material not. Its fucking stupid.

  7. It'd be great to have those 'older' admins back.. It's getting even worse since the Admin Apps are public. Old admins like Sexy Fish ask their admin back and they still doubt they'd be admin material.



  8. I know you have told me that story before lol. Also why would I return as admin? I hardly play and even if I wanted to play I can hardly cause my job and school take up all my time now. Also I doubt I would get any votes.

  9. Please return as an admin.. And I have seen Iron Maiden.. Beat that :)

  10. Im a Jackass

    Low Population

    Ok last time I played I could only play for an hour not because people break rules but because the people ACT stupid to a point where the only way to fix that would be putting them down. I server is just a lot less fun than it use to be to be honest. @dirk old maps wont last at all. People just get bored with them now because there not 50 places to go. Also the CTs have a lack of creativity with rules now so.
  11. Im a Jackass

    Low Population

    To be honest I stopped playing because the people who play it now are all so retarded. The server is just not as fun to play on any more at least for me.
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