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  1. Of course when I'm not around SG starts to kinda care about hockey D: I made a bracket for the playoffs after the play in round. If anyone else made one they should post it Looking back at it I definitely picked with my heart when it came to the coyotes series, but dammit I just want them to go on a run. Would be really cool for their franchise. Kuemper is a monster. Also to get Canucks vs Flames, that'd be fun.
  2. Nuclear Onion

    Hockey refs

    Everyone complains about refs when playoffs start, but honestly hawks are just outmatched. I didn't expect them to be on the brink of a sweep, but they've done well surprising with the Oilers play in series already. Great experience nonetheless for Kubalik and Dach.
  3. Happy Birthday

  4. Just terrible. You just never know who's truly hurting deep down. No matter what their status.
  5. Nuclear Onion

    NFL Draft

    Except he kinda was. 1,075 pass-block snaps and 37 QB pressures allowed is a neat stat but yeah sure he isn't the best. Wentz or Rodgers to the pats when
  6. As well as visitor messages? Can't write on my own or anyone else's as far as I'm looking
  7. remasterer isn't a word loser

  8. >Anaheim as anything but A tier >Cannon jersey C tier >Tampa alt A Tier Maybe it's best if SG stays away from hockey
  9. back to host the favorite admin contest then leave again yeah?
  10. [video=youtube_share;yyew_dY8Jek] *sniff* beautiful
  11. Surprise that would be said since they've previously been useful for players who only used text chat. If they're being shot, they can't exactly stop and callout people unless they feel like dying first. Having at least !istraitor is a nice convenience for people who want to get that last callout right before death. I do understand the other two being defined pretty useless in the grand scheme of things though. Probably a simple fix for some TA honestly. I don't necro often I swear..