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  1. Just leave Jared out of it this time
  2. As well as visitor messages? Can't write on my own or anyone else's as far as I'm looking
  3. remasterer isn't a word loser

  4. Surprise that would be said since they've previously been useful for players who only used text chat. If they're being shot, they can't exactly stop and callout people unless they feel like dying first. Having at least !istraitor is a nice convenience for people who want to get that last callout right before death. I do understand the other two being defined pretty useless in the grand scheme of things though. Probably a simple fix for some TA honestly. I don't necro often I swear..
  5. I don't have a problem with courses but rather it does feel plain without a timer + more maps. However, it seems the current population actually really likes playing courses in general, despite there being a lack of timer and a bigger map pool. I'm starting to think maybe the lack of a timer is a benefit because it gives off a casual environment for playing courses rather than the competitive "don't talk to me I'm focusing on getting !top time status." Really just a theory, I don't have much evidence to this claim but rather just food for thought. I do think adding some more maps would provide more variety though, as some of the courses seem to be played many times without end.
  6. This will never be finished You're up @Bread
  7. So basically renew the token every some odd months for the sake of the community getting the perks other servers are using. There's enough servers out there that probably get away with this on a daily basis, so we probably needed to step up our game as well. Honestly, good for you guys in the end. It was a bit infuriating at the time to give the "!ws/!knife are not on our servers cuz valve is gay" speech when there were so many other communities doing the exact thing we walked away from.
  8. Very well deserved for the fucker that always knifes in christmas gun games...fucking shitter. pls This has to happen right?